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Amateur Short – Official Selection – March 2019

U really hurt me | Canada | 01’
Director: Callahan Bracken
Writer: Callahan Bracken
Producer:Callahan Bracken
Synopsis: Passivity is a burden. Recently, I had found myself apathetic within relationships that were deeply important to me. I had learned to distance myself from people that I loved, and remain ignorant of any possible consequences. As I learned to make space for my own growth and healing, it often bordered on self-isolation. Following a boy as he fails to communicate with the world around him, “u really hurt me” is an exploration of this misguided healing in a surreal, animated self portrait.

This is Me | Romania | 2019 | 05’
Director: Andrei Cosmin
Writer: Andrei Cosmin
Producer: Andrei Cosmin
Synopsis: In a society that hasn’t decided yet whether to accept or deny the LGBTQ+ community, coming out can be a hard task. But, out there, some people still find the courage to reveal their true selves.

Hady | Italy | 2018 | 13’
Director: Riccardo Di Gerlando
Writer: Riccardo Di Gerlando Nicola Lucchi
Producer: Zuccherarte – L’Aquilone Onlus
Cast: David Audam – Bernadette Matagne
Synopsis: Hady is a child from Senegal who has just arrived in Italy for a little over a year. Despite his mother’s recommendations about his new country, there seems to be a strong desire to return home .

The Hidden Dancer | United States | 2018 | 09’
Director: Min Kim
Writer: Michael Doran
Synopsis: A well-known dancer Barry Lynn passed away at the age of 103 in January 2018. Studied with many renowned modern dance pioneers, Lynn started his dance company after serving in World War II. Since moving to Wisconsin in 1978, he lived a quiet life performing and choreographing until the ripe old age of 100. This short documentary was filmed in 2013 when he was 98 years old.

Windows | United States | 2019 | 07’
Director: Leonardo Pierotti
Writer: Leonardo Pierotti
Producer: Anne A. Ashbey
Cast: Noe Castrejon, Corinne DeLuca, Louis Pierotti
Synopsis: Windows tells the story of James, a young boy entangled in difficult relationships with each of his estranged parents. After a physical altercation with his mother, James escapes, and flees from her house.

I Can’t Breathe | United Kingdom | 05’
Director: Shad Deen
Writer: Shad Deen
Producer: Shad Deen, Yad Deen
Cast: Marcus Tischauser
Synopsis: Living in the peripheral vision of those failing him, a young boy’s secret struggle overwhelms him.

Animation Short – Official Selection – April 2019

Passage | Serbia | 2019 | 07’
Director: Igor Coric
Writer: Igor Coric
Producer: Igor Coric
Cast: Hristina Popović, Teodora Ristovski, Nebojša Cile Ilić, Miloš Vlalukin, Nikola Šurbanović, Stefan Bundalo , Bojan Žirović, Danilo Arnautović, Dimitrije Zlatanović
Synopsis: After our hero, a young boy, is left alone to die in the midst of war and destruction, the last members of his tribe are dismantled to basic geometric forms under enemy fire. Taken by the feeling of sorrow and loss, the boy builds a totem out of their remains. Armed with this new structure, he continues towards another confrontation, with an unexpected twist.

Yuukai-ANNA | Japan | 2018 | 28’
Director: Kaichi Sato
Writer: Kaichi Sato
Producer: Kaichi Sato
Cast: Hana Takeda, Toshiyuki Morikawa
Synopsis: 196X. Anna, an enigmatic and attractive professional kidnapper, abducts The Professor during his wedding ceremony on request from one of the latter’s former girlfriend. This woman, whose face Anna has never seen, wishes to die with The Professor before he marries. Leaving the church with The Professor on the back seat of her motor-bike, Anna starts on the journey to the fictional city of “Alpha Paris”. “Anna” is a tribute and homage to old movies of the 60’s, a ideally highly effective sophisticated cartoon with trendy visual effects.

Blieschow | German | 2019 | 10’
Director: Christoph Sarow
Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink
Synopsis: Vast plains, colorful sceneries, a red dog, that seems to reach into the sky. This is how Tom experiences summer in Blieschow, his grandfather’s farm. He feels overwhelmed by the exuberance of nature and finds himself in a constant competition with his cousin, who is seemingly better at everything. Envy starts to grow in little Tom. Doing everything to be recognized and loved Tom soon reaches his limits.

Children Short – Official Selection – April 2019

I’ve just had a dream | Spain | 2014 | 08’
Synopsis: Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.

A Home for Curiosities | United States | 2019 | 17’
Director: Ben Tobin
Writer: Ben Tobin
Producer: Shannon Ryan, Ben Tobin
Cast: Nathaniel Ruth, Vanessa Libbey, Ripley Dresser, Richard Ballon, Emily Rose Pequin, Delta Carney, JC Ortega, Jay Allen
Synopsis: A young boy discovers a house full of forgotten imaginary friends. Along with his friend Alice, Wallace helps bring these curiosities back to the real world to meet new human companions.

Jellyfish | United States | 2018 | 07’
Director: Marcin Gizycki
Writer: Marcin Giżycki, Tom Roberts
Producer: Marcin Gizycki, Peter O’Neill
Cast: Tom Roberts
Synopsis: A group of kids visits a nature center with their teacher. They go to a room with a tank of jelly fish. The teacher starts to lecture, and the longer he talks, the more excited the kids get. But this is not the lecture that captures their attention.

Boredom | Switzerland | 02’
Director: Misato Inoue
Writer: Misato Inoue
Producer: Misato Inoue
Cast: Misato Inoue
Synopsis: A small piece playing with vivid imagination out of boredom. Probably we all need to get little bored and let it be in order to have some space so that something unexpected can happen.

Leetha | United States | 2018 | 04’
Director: Davonne Dupart
Synopsis: Leetha is a six year-old girl who is headed to school on her own for the first time. Her mother, although reluctant, lets her daughter go. Leetha becomes frightened along the journey and her fears manifest into a giant crow that chases her. Her mother follows behind drawing chalk bridges, tunnels and a birdcage to trap Leetha’s fears and help her arrive at school.

Documentary Short – Official Selection – April 2019

Stereotypy | Spain | 2018 | 15’
Director: Inés Espinosa
Synopsis: Animal captivity is a human decision. An apparently invisible but in the eyes of anyone behavioral pattern, calls into question the deprivation of freedom through a paranoid choreography.

Post Ebola Sierra Leone | Netherlands | 2019 | 04’
Synopsis: Sierra Leone has endured a period plagued by one of this century’s largest health threats. The country is currently paving the road forwards while facing the challenges of its own recovery along the way. This documentary short provides us with insights from the people who are performing life-changing work on a daily basis.

Rear View Mirror | Australia | 2019 | 12’
Director: Jonathan Terence may
Producer: Liza Boston
Cast: Ingo Hansen
Synopsis: “When the impermanence of life and land collide, what remains inside the heart and soul of a man” Ingo Hansen returns to the desert opal mining town where he grew up, struggling with his health and searching for answers. At a crossroads in his life, he seeks comfort in reminiscing the impact of the harsh landscapes and crazy adventures he had in Andamooka – one of the most remote places in South Australia. 
 Ingo soon realises that the thriving outback town he once loved is now bleak and it mercilessly parallels his own impermanence; the harsh winds of life blow not just on the desert but also inside his heart. In its glory days Andamooka had over 3000 residents, but now the opal has dried up and it is a former shadow of itself – with a total population of 316. 

 It takes a certain type of person to love a place like this, with the isolation and the desolation. Walking through the cemetery Ingo reflects on the grim truths of his reality, and how strange it is to know every body that lies beneath him in the dust. As in life, both the once beautiful landscape and the once promising future he faced are slowly fading way and the story is unforgiving.

Unique | Serbia | 2018 | 30’
Director: Nikola Polic
Writer: Nikola Polic
Producer: Nikola Polic
Cast: Stojan Simic, Darko Nikolic, Teodora Baljak, Vojislav Djordjevic, Esma Hadzic
Synopsis: Thirty-five-year-old Stojan lives in a big city and has various jobs. However, in his spare time, he takes refuge from everyday life in an uncommon place with a group of friends. In a world where words are superfluous, it is possible to communicate only through sincere emotions.

‘’This is your last chance’’ | Netherlands | 2018 | 29
Synopsis: Caregiver Michell Requena breaks through the destructive behavior patterns of put out teenagers with his unorthodox methode. The film brings us in close contact with this approach. An approach for teenagers for whom Michells family home is often the only place where they can go. The film shows how Michell pushes the teenagers to take the responsibilities of their own acts. But somewhere inside the fort of discipline and severity that Michell built around these teenagers, hides a soft room for forgiveness.

Voice For The Voiceless | Russian Federation | 2019 | 33’
Director: Anna Barsukova
Writer: Anna Barsukova
Producer: Anna Barsukova
Synopsis: EN After learning about her diagnosis Marina begins to search for answers to her questions. Fearing disclosure and condemnation, she chooses to trust her thoughts to her diary. But nothing stays hidden for long…
RU Узнав о своём диагнозе Марина начинает искать ответы на интересующие её вопросы. Страшась публичного раскрытия диагноза и осуждения окружающих, все свои мысли Марина записывает в дневнике. Но однажды тайное становится явным…

Experimental Short – Official Selection – April 201

Beautiful | Not Specified | 2018 | 14’
Director: Stepan Nakhaev
Writer: Simon Arms
Producer: Nikita Dovzhenko
Cast: Juraj Zuban, Simon Arms, Valeria Safina, Adam Adams
Synopsis: David will resort to supernatural ritual in order to bring back the brightest day of his life.

Virtual Memory | United States | 2019 | 23’
Director: Julie Goldstein
Writer: Erika Mijlin
Producer: Artifact Pictures
Synopsis: Once there was a time when images were made from head to hand. Devices came into being which allowed the chemical capture of light. Persistence of vision, motion. Electrical capture of light. Distribution and broadcast, reception with the set. Computers – the pixel – a fraction of light – more like pointillism, a comic. The speed, multiplicity of transmission – active viewership. The generation of synthetic images to replicate the real, not necessarily in terms of realism of representation, but in terms of realism in interaction. Interaction, an extension of active viewing. Randomness increases. Screen being replaced by an immersive experience. Projection of a holographic image. Virtual becomes a replacement space.

BABY | Colombia | 2019 | 05’
Director: Janice Angelica
Writer: Janice Angelica, Bing Bang
Producer: Bing Bang
Synopsis: The story of the beginning of life told from the point of view of a baby inside the womb.

Disharmony 2 | Slovenia | 2018 | 01’
Director: Peter Lebar
Writer: Peter Lebar
Producer: Peter Lebar
Cast: Peter Lebar
Synopsis: Disharmony is one-minute movie, the answer to the EU and its search for common solution for people coming from the South.

Todorov on The Threshold | Denmark | 03’
Director: Ida Andreasen
Composer, Lyddesign
Producer: Maj Andersson
Cast: Hamun
Synopsis: The unspoiled forest – You may not enter! A human enters nature, along with him comes toxic waste and chemistry. Strange formations, colors and creatures are created when human made chemistry meets nature.

Fallin | Japan | 2018 | 30’
Director: Tomohiko Tsuji
Writer: Tomohiko Tsuji
Producer: Tomohiko Tsuji
Cast: Marino Okazaki, Yuichi Nishida
Synopsis: There are two artists of Outsider Art. They have a mental disability. Their drawings which they drew with an urge are, in a measure, transcendental. In order to experience something which is hidden in the deep mind of human beings, high-resolution 4K camera and high-definition lens will fall into their drawings.

Aurora | Russian Federation | 2019 | 12’
Director: Pavel Turenko
Writer: Pavel Turenko
Producer: Pavel Turenko
Cast: Ekaterina Gorina, Eva Yukhlimova
Synopsis: Everyone had a period of life when it seemed that this world was created for anyone but not for you. In this moment you start to withdraw into yourself, separate from the outside world and all the people around. When you make a step on this road the only way you have is a way down. This is where we meet a heroine of a movie. Hiding in the darkness, seeing no one around she finds her only salvation in writing a book – a story of her feelings, her emotions, her pain. Will she finish it or this is a story that has no end?

Under The Surface (Tagebruch) | Germany | 2018 | 28’
Director: Julia Schneider
Writer: Julia Schneider
Cast: Simone Müller, Julia Sontag, Erika Garces Fernandez
Synopsis: CHIARA is fighting a fight no one can see. For others, her life seems normal and her problems seem quite common. The truth is: she can’t enjoy all the of the beautiful houses, the music or the sound of the river in the idyllic little town of Weimar. Everyday life in this picture book world is increasingly becoming a torture for her. She hides more and more behind her mobile phone and loses herself in her video diary.

Mini Short – Official Selection – April 2019

Culprit | Taiwan | 2018 | 03’
Director: Shuan Yu Lin
Writer: Shuan Yu Lin
Producer: Seadog Lin
Cast: Seadog Lin, Mooi Yang
Synopsis: A man ran into the public toilet and received a photo of himself, then he realized he was in a very horrible situation.

We are future | Germany | 2019 | 03’
Director: Niina Walter, Moreen Hoffmann
Writer: Moreen Hoffmann
Producer: Moreen Hoffmann
Cast: Marie Anne Fliegel, Marius Weingarten

Daddy Issues? | Ireland | 2019 | 01’
Director: Tony Kelly
Writer: Tony Kelly
Producer: Mark Coffey, Tony Kelly
Cast: Tony Kelly, Juliette Crosbie, Michael Power, Joan Fleetwood
Synopsis: A young woman brings her new boyfriend home to meet her parents for the first time as he tries to win the approval of her over protective father.

Music Video Short– Official Selection – April 2019

Mongol | United States | 2019 | 10’
Director: Hao Zheng
Writer: Hao Zheng
Producer: Shincy Lu
Cast: Nan Li, Jiseung Cho, Kevin Zhang
Synopsis: A man spent years seeking redemption after abandoning his mother when he was a child.

Suicide Salmon – Leaving For Good | Switzerland | 2019 | 04’
Director: Lasse Linder
Writer: Lasse Linder, Nicolas Büttiker
Producer: Luzius Fischer
Cast: Antoinette Ullrich, Mindaugas Matulis, Werner Biermeier, Susanne Katrin Vogel
Synopsis: A wealthy family lives in perfect harmony. Their daily life consists of smiling happily, housekeeping and praying together. An accident shatters this illusion and reveals a deeply kept secret.

Red Eleven – Starry Eyes | Finland | 2019 | 05’
Director: Jesse Haaja
Writer: Jesse Haaja
Producer: Jesse Haaja
Cast: Bianca Bradey
Synopsis: She’s the girl with starry eyes, about to do a sacrifice. Can’t find a cure for her blackened heart because there ain’t no man under her umbrella. Crawling through the dark room, she begins to smile. Her luck is about to change.

MORGAN WILLIS – Let’s Go Together | France | 2019 | 07’
Director: jérome piel-desruisseaux
Writer: jérome piel-desruisseaux
Cast: Anthony Légal, céline berti, pitt sentenac, Margot Sawa, Laureen Sentenac, Maud Sentenac, Alexandre Mouriès
Synopsis: Music video for the artist “MORGAN WILLIS” A lonely boy in need of love decides to create a female robot.

Himalaya Cocktail | Italy | 2019 | 04’
Director: Danilo Currò, Marco Mingolla
Writer: Alessandra Pieroni
Producer: Cattive Produzioni
Cast: Selene Caramazza, Gianvincenzo Pugliese

Narrative Short – Official Selection – April 201

Ideal Homeland | China | 2019 | 16’
Director: Bowie
Writer: Christopher Bryan
Producer: Dai Hongong
Cast: Yang Jin
Synopsis: The story takes place in the near future, when AI (Artificial Intelligence) controls human, and we start to work for AI. The hero of the story, Joe, as the carrier of AI’s sexual experience, does the most mechanical task every day to obtain the credits on which we depends for survival in AI society. In such oppression of slavery, Joe yearns for the freedom of independence.

Beyond the Working Day | Brazil | 2019 | 18’
Directors: Gabriel Silveira, Victor Furtado
Writer: Gabriel Silveira
Producer: Caroline Louise
Cast: Vitor Colares, Yuri Yamamoto, Liana Fonteles, Ana Cristina Viana
Synopsis: The official of a tourist agency is in charge of providing a new and unusual service to his employer.

Hedieh | Islamic Republic of Iran| 2018 | 16’
Director: Sahar Sotoodeh
Writer: Sahar Sotoodeh
Producer: Ashkan Ashkani
Cast: Yasna Sirati
Synopsis: Hedieh, a 14 year old girl escaped from the school service and her friend was forced to explain the reason behind it…

THE BAR | India | 2018 | 12’
Synopsis: Kabir is a suave, sophisticated,successful singe man of today who lives in the fast lane. It’s about a few nights of his life and the turns and twists it takes at a bar as he charms beautiful women. Life unfolds and leaves him with a startling reality check.

The Tree and the Pirogue | France | 2018 | 25’
Director: Sébastien MARQUES
Writer: Sébastien MARQUES
Producers: Sébastien MARQUES, Mélissa Malinbaum
Cast: Iabe Lapacas, Jean-Pierre Swan, Maurice Haeweng
Synopsis: The life of a Melanesian tribe is disrupted by the progressive arrival of modernity. Iabe, a young Melanesian, finds this change very hard to cope with and gets lost between his traditions and this modernity.

DANGER BLASTING KEEP AWAY! | Russian Federation | 2019 | 19’
Director: Sasha Potapova
Writer: Sasha Potapova
Producer: Katerina Vyblova
Cast: Irina Rakhanova, Kamilla Ratunda, Oleg Bilik, Anton Pakhomov, Egor Baranovskiy, Maria Golitsyna
Synopsis: Catherine is constantly trying to manage Anna’s life, telling her what to do and what to wear, in an attempt to extend her control, Catherine even seizes Anna’s passport. Anna decides to run away with an older guy, Vitalya, meanwhile accidentally saying to Catherine’s new boyfriend that her mom’s still seeing her ex.

Smachnogo/Bon Appétit | Ukraine | 2018 | 20’
Director: Dzen Yevstygneykin
Producer: Dana Sebesevych
Cast: Dmitro Savyanenko, Volodimir Ostapchuk, Alexander Vasin, Ivan Gubanov
Synopsis: The film depicts the way of two friends to victory in the culinary contest “CookNOW”. It all starts with main character, Mykola Pshenytsia, he starts the introduction to his life to the audience. More specifically: his father is a Ukrainian who came to France and became a successful chef there. He met his future wife and they raised a family in France. So when Mykola is born, there is no choice for him except becoming a chef as his father did. Now Mykola is 25. Like father, he is engaged in culinary. But unlike him, Mykola combines culinary with travellings. Together with his best friend Patrick, they are – foodbackpackers. Young men travel through different corners of the world with a huge backpack slinging behind full of culinary secrets. During the trip, friends learn about different traditions and local culinary tricks, gain and exchange experience. Mykola and Pat came to Ukraine in search of a victory in the “CookNow” contest. Upon arrival our heroes were extremely impressed with local cuisine, so they immediately decide to put together ukrainian and their distinctive french traditions. During the film, friends face numerous challenges. The major one is their main opponent – chef Alik, local gastronomic star well-known throughout Ukraine. The second problem is products that our heroes are so accustomed to and which are somewhat hard to find at markets, especially if you are not local. Third is the development of new recipes. Ukrainian cuisine seems to be terra incognita and decision – to tame it right before the competition, – is extremely risky. Nevertheless, due to skill and fortune, they get their cherished victory. The film ends with a happy ending, the guys win the competition and open their own restaurant. The story ends with a scene in which competitive opponent Alik gives a visit to a new establishment of Mykola and Pat. It is clear to the audience that all the fights between Alik, Mykola and Patrick are over and they became good friends.

TAMA | Greece | 2018 | 18’
Synopsis: A family lunch, a piece of fanouropita and a dead body.

Acid Fantasy | United States | 2019 | 30’
Director: Lorenzo Lanzillotti
Writer: Lorenzo Lanzillotti
Producers: Lorenzo Lanzillotti , Angela Carbone
Cast: Patrcik Merveille, Elizabeth Tate, Henry Trueheart, Dallas Maxwell, Katya Pylova, Lauren Miller, Jonathan Ridore, Elexis Ross, Sally Connors, Sheila Ball
Synopsis: A self-destructive young man gets caught up into a mystery while searching for a lost love.

Zeil Zuigen | 06’
Synopsis: A man grapples with the tedium of his day haunted by symbolic visions of his soul-crushing present life and those of another time and place.

Our Next Caller | United States | 11’
Director: Troy Whitaker
Writer: Troy Whitaker
Producers: Christian Ackerman, Troy Whitaker
Cast: Eric Roberts, Bert Emmett, AJ Fleuridas, J. Christopher Sloan
Synopsis: A failing legal advice radio program gets a sudden boost in popularity when a mysterious caller offers a violent proposal.

Night Tales | United States | 2018 | 10’
Director: Randy Rubin
Writers: Randy Rubin, Will Winner
Producers: Aaron Dean Eisenberg, Claire Dub
Cast: Will Winner, Petey DeAbreu, Julia Morrison
Synopsis: Petey just left his girlfriend and Will probably has a drug problem. They head into the city for a night out and question if they are, in fact, good guys.

Bloodburn | Netherlands | 2018 | 07’
Director: Jasper Bronkhorst
Writer: Jasper Bronkhorst
Producer: Monne Tuinhout
Cast: Shane Redondo, Reinout Bussemaker
Synopsis: What if someone commits a horrible crime and afterwards gets promoted to a powerful position within de Department of Defense where he is legally untouchable? In a desperate attempt, a young soldier forces a high ranking officer into a confrontation by hijacking a bar. The young soldier gives him a choice between two options: confessing or paying the ultimate price.

Series Web/TV Short – Official Selection – April 2019

Mindfully Mandy | United States | 04’
Director: Amanda Hurley
Writer: Amanda Hurley
Producer: Amanda Hurley
Cast: Amanda L Hurley
Synopsis: Floundering millennial, Mandy, creates a guru persona and starts her own Mindfulness series in an attempt to find meaning and purpose in her life.
Episode 1- The Great Outdoors
Simplify! Get back to nature! Quit your job and sell your things! Wouldn’t YOU like to begin anew?
Join in these glorious suburban woods as we begin our spiritual Journey…. together.

God Inc. | United States | 2019 | 15’
Director: Dino Lalic
Writer: Dino Lalic
Producer: Dino Lalic
Cast: Matthew Gallagher, Matthew Gallagher, Matthew Gallagher, Nicholas Messina, Nicholas Messina, Nicholas Messina, Stephanie Garrido
Synopsis: Billionaire Jesus H. Christ, the founder and CEO of God Inc., becomes the richest man in recent human history, lead by his never ending greed he decides to cut benefits for his employees. One of his employees, L., is ready to do whatever it takes to reverse Christ’s decision. A battle for the future of the employees unfolds

Stories of Bike: FASTER | Australia | 2018 | 10’
Director: Cam Elkins
Producer: Marina Mann
Cast: Alicia Elfving
Synopsis: For Alicia, riding her custom Ducati Monster fast is so much more than simple fun.

Short Comedy – Official Selection – April 2019

Subs | United States | 2019 | 13’
Director: Venk Potula
Writer: Leland Frankel
Producers: Venk Potula, Dana Joeli
Cast: Dana Joeli, Venk Potula, David Lengel, Alex Chavez
Synopsis: Two rival substitute teachers are forced into a brutal game of one-upsmanship as they compete for a job at an elite elementary school.

Quest For Fire | United Kingdom | 2018 | 07’
Director: Patrik Bergh
Writer: Patrik Bergh
Producer: Russell Curtis
Cast: Adam Shaw, Roger Thomson, Adriano Almedia
Synopsis: When Doug’s family finally has had enough of his obsession he turns for help from a self-help group with a difference.

Short Drama – Official Selection – April 2019

Such a Sweet Life | Azerbaijan | 2018 | 15’
Director: Lala Aliyeva-Klychkova
Writer: Lala Aliyeva-Klychkova
Producer: Maria Ibrahimova
Cast: Sabina Bakhisheva
Synopsis: The daily routine of a woman chocolatier starts from the early dawn and finishes late after dusk. She observes the shop visitors buying the chocolate she makes but can’t eat because of diabetes. Everything changes when she tastes a bit.

In the bedroom | France | 2019 | 15’
Director: Léonard C. Héliot
Writer: Léonard C. Héliot
Producer: Léonard Héliot
Cast: Dominique Dani, Hortense Belhôte
Synopsis: A couple separates… This is the suspended moment, frozen in the night, when the breakup is at stake.

Sunday 11.00-12.00 | United Kingdom | 2018 | 11’
Director: Stelios Koukouvitakis
Writer: Stelios Koukouvitakis
Producer: Stelios Koukouvitakis
Cast: Danai Epithymiadi, Lefteris Vasilakis
Synopsis: A young couple comes back from a night out. Suddenly they are attacked on the street. Their reaction will mark their lives. A short film about dilemmas, choices and the price to pay for them.

Within the Deep | Canada |2018-12-31 00:18:00
Director: Andre Kerico
Writer: Andre Kerico
Producer: Andre Kerico
Cast: Andre Kerico, Madison Claringbold
Synopsis: Damien and Isabel face extreme measures in their relationship. Not knowing whether to pull the plug, they continue to ride the devastating roller coaster.

Swept Away | United States | 2019 | 13’
Director: Thomas Grascoeur
Writer: Sheri Davenport
Producers: Sheri Davenport, Thomas Grascoeur
Cast: Laura Galley, Henri Rizk, Pascal Besson
Synopsis: Paris. She’s English, he’s French. A rendezvous in a tea room. But there’s more to te story

In the Field | India | 2019 | 16’
Director: Julian Coldrey
Writer: Julian Coldrey
Producer: Julian Coldrey
Cast: Dhanil Krishna, P. Balachandran
Synopsis: A beautiful field where magic can happen; things are lost and then found again. ‘In the Field’ tells the story of a father and son, painfully separated but never really apart.

Short Fantasy/Sci Fi – Official Selection – April 2019

Director:Jordi Manca, Vincent Vallon
Writers: Jordi Manca, Vincent Vallon
Producer: Ilyass Malki
Synopsis: A sci-fi tale of a creature seeking to destroy its creator.

Human Alike | Italy | 2019 | 05’
Director: Emanuele Milasi
Writer: Emanuele Milasi
Producers: Emanuele Milasi, Chaker Ben Yahmed
Cast: Viviana Toscano, Salvatore Pappalardo, Daniele Lombardo
Synopsis: In a world without nature, the humanity has learned to eat garbage and technology. In Sicily, Tony, a chip farmer, has a secret to reveal to Lucia, his best friend just married with a some kind of robot called “Human Alike”.

Deathcar | Greece | 12’
Director: Andreas Vakalios
Cast: Nefeli Economou, Nikos Zegkinoglou, Aris Antonopoulos, Daphne Katsarou, Theodoros Charalambous, Theofilos Tsimas
Synopsis: A girl quarrels with her dad. 80 km/hour. A guy drives drunk. 100 km/hour. A guy gets his body out the window. 120 km/hour. A girl flirts indiscreetly. 140 km/hour. A guy passes ouzo and weed around. 160 km/hour. A guy has an epileptic seizure. 180 km/hour.

WANDERBOY | United States | 2019 | 17’
Director: Thomas Bernos
Writer: Thomas Bernos
Producers: Thomas Bernos, Mayra Bernos
Cast: C.J. Baker, Ashton Quiroz, Val Temirov
Synopsis: At death’s door and ready for his final voyage, old Ben is visited by Paco, the imaginary friend he grew out of long ago. Ben cannot see nor hear him anymore, but the boy won’t give up and will follow his old buddy till the end of the road – to mysterious islands or fantastic worlds? – where it leads matters not.

Your last day on earth | Spain | 2018 | 12’
Director: Marc Martínez Jordán
Writer: Marc Martínez Jordán
Producer: Alex Maruny
Cast: Sònia Masuda, Enric Auquer
Synopsis: A Fox-dressed man breaks the spacetime limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But bellow this recreational act there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan

OPEN | Spain | 2019 | 15’
Synopsis: A couple’s tranquil weariness is broken when they receive some videos via the internet in which they end up being the lead roles.

Short Horror – Official Selection – April 2019

Disquiet | United States | 2019 | 15’
Director: Mike Suchmann
Writer: Mike Suchmann
Producer: Camille Viollet
Cast: Esin Varan, Daniel Benhamu, Gabe Gathmann
Synopsis: Sophie, a young pregnant woman, awakens in the middle of the night after an intense nightmare, feeling that something is inside her home.

Non è vero | Ukraine | 2019 | 08’
Director: Sergiy Pudich
Writer: Sergiy Pudich
Producer: Sergiy Pudich
Cast: Eleonora Mineo, Franco Scorretti, Francesca Scorretti, Laura Scorretti-Pudich
Synopsis: A small girl bored while staying alone with her busy Grandpa in his house. She tries in any possible ways to grab his attention, but something goes wrong…

Reprisal | Lebanon | 09’
Director: Mike Malajalian
Writer: Mike Malajalian
Producer: Mike Malajalian
Cast: Lisa Debs, Anatole Saadeh
Synopsis: A young woman becomes anxious at the news of the return of her husband who disappeared 30 years ago during the civil war.

Student Short – Official Selection – April 2019

Date | United Kingdom | 06’
Director: Dimitris Konstantinou-Hautecoeur
Writer: Dimitris Konstantinou-Hautecoeur
Producers: Dimitris Konstantinou-Hautecoeur, Paul Farquharson, Claire Ibbotson
Cast: Dean Gregory, Michelle Allan
Synopsis: On an ordinary bus journey, something extraordinary happens. Two awkward strangers fall in love at first sight. Or so it appears. Is this really the first time they ‘ve laid eyes on each other?

Below A Dark Wood | United States | 2018 | 14’
Director: Bill Slovick
Writer: Bill Slovick
Producer: Bill Slovick
Cast: Jesse Massaro, Lucy McMahon, Jackie McMahon
Synopsis: A missing woman. A troubled man. A dark wood full of mystery. What moves among the trees? What secrets lie buried? And what comes creeping in the dead of night?

Theory of EVAlution | Australia | 2018 | 05’
Director: Eva Justine Torkkola
Writer: Eva Justine Torkkola
Producer: Eva Justine Torkkola
Cast: Eva Justine Torkkola
Synopsis: Eva Justine Torkkola, an Australian actor, takes the reins on her flailing career by playing all the different characters in her ‘acting showreel’. A short comedy.

Happy Marriage | Slovakia | 13’
Director: Erik Jasaň
Writer: Erik Jasaň
Producer: Erik Jasaň
Cast: Peter Čižmár, Dana Košická
Synopsis: The movie Happy marriage tells the story of a married couple which breaks apart after the death of their only child. Andrej and Eva, husband and wife, are inevitably getting to the point of the imaginary crossroad. There is nothing keeping Eva in the marriage so she deeply desires to leave. Andrej is becoming self-aware of his aggressive nature and tries to change the situation of their marriage.

We do us | Netherlands | 2018 | 03’
Director: Mary janssen
Writer: Mary janssen
Producer: Mary janssen
Cast: Verena Kutschera, Zé de Paiva
Synopsis: In how far are we defined by others? Is our identity built on a central core, do we have essentialistic elements? Or are we more defined by interacting with the world we live in, transformed by influences of others and our surroundings? A first exploration.

I’M VICTOR | Russian Federation | 2018 | 11’
Director: Inna Tsgoeva
Writer: Inna Tsgoeva
Producer: Inna Tsgoeva
Synopsis: Victor is alone here. He looks back at his life in order to figure out why he is here. Silence interrupted by the lonely voice of a man pronouncing his own name.

And Again, Her | Australia | 2018 | 07’
Director: Sinclair Suhood
Writer: Pierce Hadjinicola
Producer: Sinclair Suhood
Cast: Melanie Jarnson
Synopsis: An Unnamed Female is sitting in a chair, she is mentally broken. She is reciting to the camera her story of domestic violence. A car is travelling fast down a quiet suburban street. It stops suddenly, and the Unnamed Female steps out of the car. She slowly paces towards the burning house, then stops.

No Heroes | Sweden | 2019 | 19’
Director: Kamil Loutfi
Writer: Kamil Loutfi
Producers: Josef Carlborg, Love Örterström
Cast: Hannes Fohlin, Simon Eggers, Börje Lundberg, Ludwig Hertzman Linde, Sara Holmström, Emma Melkersson, Stefan Lundaahl
Synopsis: Taxi driver Daniel picks up his last fare for the night, a boy and his father in a hurry to get to the airport. When the boy starts acting strangely, Daniel begins to suspect that the father isn’t who he claims to be. No Heroes is a film about finding the courage to act, knowing who to trust in a world of conflicting truths and our responsibility towards strangers.

Kids | Turkey | 2019 | 14’
Director: Melik Kuru
Writer: Melik Kuru
Producers: Melik Kuru, Jennifer Kaiser
Cast: Jason Asher, Maggie Alexander
Synopsis: Two lovers meet in a hotel room on a getaway, only to find that it won’t be easy to check their realities at the door.

Disseminare | Spain | 2019 | 15’
Director: Jools Beardon
Writer: Jools Beardon
Cast: Omar Ayuso
Synopsis: Denzo is faced to fight in order to change the DNA classification system of a country powered by racism and hate.

Still blue | Thailand | 2019 | 23’
Director: Pantawat Kanjanaphinyo
Writer: Pantawat Kanjanaphinyo
Cast: Vasita Kaewngam, Thopat Waranyurat
Synopsis: The ending of relationship when love is not the existence of two people.

Asal | Canada | 2019 | 12’
Director: Sepideh yadegar
Writer: Sepideh Yadegar
Producer: Sepideh Yadegar
Cast: Donia Kash, Neda Naji
Synopsis: A story of dance and displacement.

Wolves Gone Hunting | United Kingdom | 14’
Director: Junior Day
Writer: Junior Day
Producers: Francis Cousins , Andre Govia
Cast: Eve Pemberton , Jenna Sian O’Hara, Phillip Ridout
Synopsis: Inspired by true events, based on the before and after events of a shooting; a lesbian couple fall into a dark wonderland of hate when they come to the terms with what they must do to become infamous.