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rolling ideas: Description, Online Channel, Rules and Terms

Online Platform

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Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to watch, so we’ve made it real easy for you. Here is a selection of awarded films.

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We live in a world where everything around us has its digital correspondent. We watch our digital TV, we drive our digital cars, we speak on our digital mobile phones, we wake up after we hear a digital alarm, we go to sleep after chatting with our friends on the internet, and that’s not all. We are surrounded by digital. That’s why we created rolling ideas, the place where we can celebrate the digital culture.

— Your film deserves an audience, and rolling ideas is the place where you can find it. More than that, we don’t upload films online, we use the links provided by you and promote them on our platform and social media.
— There are 3 options for promoting your film:
5 main categories:

.Mini Short
.Short Film
.Medium Length Film
.Feature Film

Submit your film

All types of films are accepted: Narrative, Student, Experimental, Animation, Documentary, Music Video, Mini Short, Children, Amateur, Commercial, Fashion, Vlog, Stop Motion, Series, etc. Here are some examples of accepted film genres: Absurdist, Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Advertising, Art-house, Biographical, Black Comedy, Classic, Children, Comedy, Crime, Dance, Detective, Drama, Cult, Epic, Family, Fantasy, Gangster, Horror, Independent, Indie, Noir, Historical, Kids, LGBT, Magical realism, Musical, Mystery, Melodrama, Road Movie, Philosophical, Political, Romance, Satire, Science Fiction, Silent Films, Slice of Life, Social, Sports, Superhero, Supernatural, Surreal, Suspense, Thriller, Urban, War (Anti-War), Western, Zombie etc

Awardsand prizes

All accepted films will receive the rolling ideas laurels. We promote the films/trailers/tasers on our online platform + social media accounts.

There are 3 options for promoting your film:

1. If you have a public link of your film, we will share it to our audience.
2. If your film is not public for online audience, we will promote your trailer or teaser.
3. If your film is uploaded on a VOD platform, we can promote the trailer and the link where the film can be watched.

Showcase your film
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Rulesand Terms

rolling ideas is an international online festival dedicated to exploring and celebrating filmmakers’ work. The Festival is now accepting submissions from all around the world.

  1. All filmmakers submitting a film to rolling ideas accept and agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Submissions can be a feature film, a medium length film, a short film, a mini short or series which embrace any genre of film.
  1. We will NOT upload films online. We use the links provided by you and promote them.
  1. rolling ideas only accepts online registrations and submissions to be assessed. We accept films in any language. However, films not made in English MUST have English subtitles.
  1. We accept films that have been produced after 1890 😀
  1. All submission fees are nonrefundable.
  1. By submitting a film, you grant us the right to share your film on our platform.
  1. We may use your promotional material/photos and/or information submitted by you to communicate it to the public in all media, including via our website and publicity materials, or to advertise and promote rolling ideas, events, its products and services, or all, and to showcase your film.
  1. You own the copyright to your film as its author and represent and warrant that you have (and will continue to have during the duration of rolling ideas and thereafter) all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions we need to use your film and you will provide evidence of such on our reasonable request.


For further information please contact rolling ideas: