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SFF Accolades

A list of awards and honorable mentions received by the films submitted to Short Film Factory.

Short Film Factory – January 2023 Awards

Best ‘Cheer Up’ Winners $TACK$, Director: Gerald Webb Exhibit A, Director: James Wilkinson WAVES, Director: Katharina Keil Best ‘Nature’ Winners Woodbridge, Director: Barnaby Omar Best ‘Social Change’ Winners My Name Is Rhee jin-won,

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Short Film Factory – November 2022 Awards

Best ‘Cheer Up’ Winners The Clown Wars, Director: Elenar Pila Nyffeler Oh Dear…, Director: Alexander Goesaert Best ‘Nature’ Winners Stones, Director: Katharina Swoboda The Garden, Director: Vincent Johnson, Elena Lohmann, Sonia Salmerón Fructuoso

Short Film Factory

Short Film Factory – September 2022 Awards

Best ‘Nature’ Winners Soul Search, Director: Ghada Wali From the water, Director: Diana Menestrey Best ‘Social Change’ Winners INCUBUS, Director: Tito Fernandes Méduse Lune, Director: Léone Pierre Estingoy Fully Effaced, Director: Sophie Artus

Short Film Factory

Short Film Factory – July 2022 Awards

Best ‘Social Change’ Winners Night Syndrome, Director: Oren Gvili Glimmer, Director: Ken Rischard Best ‘Relationship’ Winners Speak KDSK, Director: Dana Darie The Maiden Tower, Director: Mehdi Aghayev Delivery to Hell, Director: Michael Drai

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Short Film Factory – June 2022 Awards

Best ‘Cheer Up’ Winners Sleepless Beauty, Director: Gog Mkrtchyan Best ‘City Life’ Winners ROOMS WITH A VIEW, Director: Nickolas Papadimitriou, Nikoleta Paraschi Me and My Winter Games-Perfect Holiday, Director: Haoling Lee, Ming Zhong,

Short Film Factory

Short Film Factory – May 2022 Awards

The full list of winners will be published on 3rd of June. Best ‘Social Change’ Winners Malta Calling, Director: Mauro Mondello, Nunzio Gringeri Best ‘Relationship’ Winners Troubadours Celestes, Director: Hervine De Boodt Daneben,

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Short Film Factory – April 2022 Awards

Best ‘City Life’ Winners Once Upon a Vilnius, Director: Eitvydas Doskus Best ‘Social Change’ Winners MANIFESTO OF A LIVING WOMAN, Director: Agnieszka Borkowska Best ‘Relationship’ Winners So it goes, Director: Gaia Alari Miecz,

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Short Film Factory – March 2022 Awards

Best ‘Cheer Up’ Winners Forever Young, Director: Michel ARRIBEHAUTE, Nicolas ARRIBEHAUTE, SACHA ARRIBEHAUTE, ROBINSON ARRIBEHAUTE Best ‘Nature’ Winners Paradisiac, Director: Quentin Dujardin The Walled Garden, Director: Emma Morley Best ‘Social Change’ Winners Aparecides,

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