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Warrior with a Crown

Title of the film: Warrior with a Crown

Genre: Fashion Film

Duration: 04:08

Country: Italy/US

Director: JMP and Francesco Cuizza

Synopsis: “In an armour of scars, I fight the illusion of my fears. I’m a warrior”. In the quest to excel in life, a man battles with his own failures. Expressing the weight that every person must carry, Warrior with a Crown addresses how our need to conquer is just a fight within ourselves, with the journey itself becoming the real conquest. Warrior with a Crown is based on the belief that failure is the fuel for one’s success. Director JMP and screenwriter Francesco Cuizza take the viewer on the journey of becoming aware that fear and failures are but manmade illusions. Shot in Malibu (California) on the beach in the eerie early hours of the day, the film employs movement and original choreography to unfold its narrative. In Warrior with a Crown, the viewers are presented with two different types of failures. The first brings a man to his knees, overwhelmed by his lack of experience and knowledge. But the second time failure does not fell the man; he has learnt from his mistakes and is able to stand once again, aware that he has become a warrior capable of withstanding the challenges of life.