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STTP Accolades

A list of selections and awards received by the films submitted to SHORT to the Point.

SHORT to the Point – July 2022 Award Winners

BEST FILM The Magic Flute | France | 2021 | 27’     Director: Geordy Couturiau         Writer: Geordy Couturiau             Producer: Eliott Brunet  Cast: Esdras Registe, Guillaume Dietrich Synopsis: While he is covered in debts and

SHORT to the Point

SHORT to the Point – June 2022 Award Winners

BEST FILM New Mom | Russian Federation | 2022 | 15’      Director: Alexander Kuzovkov    Writers: Alexander Kuzovkov, Ilya Ponomarev    Producers: Evgeny Drukovsky, Sofya Kudrya        Cast: Sofia Schmit, Olesya Shilyakova, Vasily Kondrashin, Maria Dolganeva            

SHORT to the Point

SHORT to the Point – May 2022 Award Winners

BEST FILM Monkey-Love, Please Hold | Canada | 2021 | 24’              Director: Greg Fox           Writer: Greg Fox               Producer: Van Wickiam  Cast: Dan Mousseau, Hannah Galway, Hayden Finkleshtain           Synopsis: An offbeat dark comedy that

SHORT to the Point

SHORT to the Point – March 2022 Award Winners

BEST FILM The Forgotten Flame | Canada | 2022 | 02’         Director: Derek Lamoureux                                         Cast: Janice Israeloff, Michael Smith         Synopsis: “The Forgotten Flame” is a short about the caregivers who work tirelessly for

SHORT to the Point

SHORT to the Point – January 2022 Award Winners

BEST FILM 7 Star Dinosor Entertainment | India | 2021 | 20’             Director: Vaishali Naik    Writer: Vaishali Naik       Producers: Vaishali Naik, Sushma Naik, Ketan Pedgaonkar             Cast: Kapil Dev, Rahul Sahu          Synopsis: Few years

SHORT to the Point


Animation Short – Official Selection – November 2021 Pottero | United States | 2020 | 10’Director: Lindsey MartinWriter: Lindsey MartinProducer: Lindsey MartinSynopsis: Pottero is a 10 minute, animated film based on family folklore

SHORT to the Point