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SHORT to the Point – October 2023 Nominees

Animation Short – Official Selection – October 2023

Shakespeare for all Ages | Germany | 2022 |03’
Director: Hannes Rall
Writer: Hannes Rall
Producer: Hannes Rall
Synopsis: Shakespeare’s works are timeless – this film proves it! Awarded with the Seal of Approval”Highly Recommended” the highest distinction of the FBW, the German federal authority for evaluating and rating film and media. “How can you give the target and age group “smartphone” an overview of the work of this unique literary genius without getting bogged down in long-winded lectures on verse and drama theory? The filmmaker and artist Hannes Rall has turned this consideration into a very short and yet for that very reason so great animated film. (…) He succeeds in depicting the poet’s most famous plays in an immediately recognisable way with individual images that flow dynamically into one another. A smart, entertaining and coherent Shakespeare homage in about 3 minutes.”

Republic of Goose Korea | 2023 | 02’
Director: Jieun Park
Writer: Jieun Park, Gabriel Figueiredo
Producer: Jieun Park
Cast: Ana Sarem, Sarra Brahmi, Mirela Gashi, Paul Morris, Cecil Carty
Synopsis: Suzie believed that returning to her community will make herself a true being. This is a story mesmerized by commercial-look visual and satire script motif of The Ugly Duckling and gireogi family.

Fishy | Germany | 2022 | 09’
Director: Leonore Poth
Writer: David Ungureit
Producer: Leonore Poth
Synopsis: Fishy In an upside-down world there lives a water-shy fish child who at first only dares to go into the water with a swimming tube. After swimming, his mother takes him out to eat, but the food is still alive at the beginning, which the fish child doesn’t like at all. As a consolation, they go to the zoo to watch the little humans perform tricks. The fish child also learns a lot about humans at school and on vacation they visit the sea where the child goes diving, exploring the world of humans. A trawler fishes away all the humans and the child returns to the beach in shock. There he manages to save one little human, but what about all those colorful pieces of plastic?

The Marching Pride of Cadence High | 2023 | 18’
Director: Nikolas Smith
Writer: Nikolas Smith
Cast: Marion Toro, Michael Malconian, Dominick Mozee, Joe Fischer, Darius Johnson, Olivia Vidas, Thomas Trinh, Kate Weber
Synopsis: A group of high school freshmen prepare for their first day of marching band camp. They must endure a strict drum major and befriend a new girl on the color guard to prevent their day from being ruined.
Mary | Qatar | 2022 | 11’
Directors: Abdulaziz Khashabi, Abdulla Al-Janahi
Writers: Abdulaziz Khashabi, Abdulla Al-Janahi
Producer: Abdulaziz Khashabi
Synopsis: Mary, a 65-year-old housewife who lives in her house with her beloved 70-year-old husband, Robert, and their lazy cat. Mary tries her best to be the perfect wife, before an incident happens revealing an unexpected sad truth that deeply affected Mary and changed her life forever.

Irina | Austria | 2023 | 06’
Director: Amelie Magdalena Loy
Writer: Amelie Magdalena Loy
Synopsis: A wall of trees. Her sudden urges to break out of the cold loneliness lead to nothing. When a sudden impact leads Irina to choose between owning or ending her life.

The Sad Messiah | United Kingdom | 2023 | 02’
Director: Alice Worthington
Writer: Alice Worthington
Producer: Alice Worthington
Cast: Arril Johnson
Synopsis: A satirical advert for a mysterious cult. Whether your problems are spiritual, emotional, or financial, The Sad Messiah will lovingly exploit them all. Will you join him in his psychedelic mansion?

Human Day | United States | 2023 | 01’
Director: Anthony Nold
Synopsis: We catch a humie and an alien, at the end of their day experiencing human culture.

THE TOWER | Germany | 2023 | 04’
Synopsis: Inspired by the book “Frankenstein – the modern Prometheus”, the animated short film deals with the inner emotional world of the monster, which was born into a world in which, despite all its efforts, it cannot experience happiness. Regardless of this, the Character of our short film provides a projection screen for the general futility of life. If needed we can provide a Version of the movie with english subtitle via unlisted YouTube Link or as a Download.

Documentary Short – Official Selection – October 2023

Shifting Tides | United States | 2023 | 10’
Director: James Mertz
Producer: James Mertz
Synopsis: For hundreds of years communities surrounding the Chesapeake Bay Watershed have built their lives around the concept of working the water, but as younger generations become deterred from entering the aging industry, the remaining watermen have been left clinging to traditions and values that are quietly slipping away. “Shifting Tides” explores a set of multi-generational watermen based in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, and asks how each are adapting to the rising costs, increased regulation, and growing effects of climate change they face day to day. By understanding how this set of economic and environmental issues impacts each individual, it becomes clear that a way of life, thread throughout the region, is at risk of being lost.

Silvi | United Kingdom | 2023 | 06’
Director: LTHL WPN
Cast: Silvi Vargas, Alan Hay
Synopsis: A short documentary about Silvi Vargas, a Colombian BMX racer, showcasing her journey as an Olympic hopeful, the challenges she has faced competing in a male-dominated sport, and the legacy she’s trying to lead to other women in the sport.

Experimental Short – Official Selection – October 2023

Static | United Kingdom | 2022 |17’
Director: Tom Hadrill
Writer: Tom Hadrill
Producer: Tom Hadrill
Cast: Jake Philips Head, Michele Wade
Synopsis: Brian exists in an isolated office space, his only connection to the outside world is through a transceiver radio. The presence of a cleaner haunts this eerie unknowable setting and a quiet tension forms when she attempts to sabotage his work. Inspired by the work of Samuel Beckett, Static is an abstract, atmospheric short film that delves into the unknowable dreamscape of someone’s mind.

Best Self | Australia | 2023 | 09’
Director: Phebe Schmidt
Writer: Phebe Schmidt
Producer: Gabrielle Pearson
Cast: Daniella Casmi
Synopsis: She is present. She is perfect. She is doing well.

The Righteous | Italy | 2023 | 09’
Director: Davide tromba
Producer: Valentina canclini
Synopsis: 1943, at the age of eighteen, Tilliu brings more than three hundred souls seeking salvation up snowfields and impervious rock walls. Those same souls would become for him like the little stone men for the mountain trails: refuge and hope for the rest of his life.

Industry (Concept) | United States | 2023 | 03’
Director: Jayce Baron
Writers: Jayce Baron, Hailie Sahar
Producers: Jayce Baron, Hailie Sahar

In Perfect Skin | United Kingdom | 2022 | 04’
Director: Yining Zhou
Writer: Yining Zhou
Producer: Mao Lin
Cast: Nore Meng, Albee Qin
Synopsis: Body marks are physical museums that can be linked to a person’s sorrows and struggles. Each mark can be a threat to both the body and the mind, impacting on personal dressing choices and self-esteem. How to reconcile with them is one of the most pressing propositions in our lives. Through this fashion film, the director is aiming to provide diverse methods to accelerate reconciliation to those Chinese women who are suffering from this condition are no longer isolated and helpless. It is also to aims to break the public taboo of skin conditions and reach the possibility to discuss it openly.

Kundalini | Mexico | 2023 | 07’
Director: Gavb Real
Writer: Gavb Real
Producer: Chakra Studio
Cast: Kiyo Gutiérrez, Daniel Furlong
Synopsis: In this cosmic crossroads, Samadhi faces a transcendent decision. Will she choose Samsara, an infinite cycle of living and dying, or will she venture into Kundalini, where they will find enlightenment and a profound understanding of the universe? En esta encrucijada cósmica, Samadhi enfrenta una decisión trascendental. ¿Optará por Samsara, un ciclo infinito de vivir y morir, o se aventurará en Kundalini, donde encontrará la iluminación y la comprensión profunda del universo?

Haze | France | 2022 | 07’
Director: Lubin Laniol
Writer: Lubin Laniol
Producer: Agnes Delaunay
Cast: Lubin Laniol, Apolline Laniol
Synopsis: This film is a re-creation of strange dreams the protagonist has made after the passing of his little sister, Apolline.

Mini Short – Official Selection – October 2023

Municipal Utilities Schweinfurt | Germany | 2023 | 02’
Director: Matthias Waigand
Producer: Alexander Draheim
Synopsis: Municipal Utilities Schweinfurt is a commercial / imagefilm for the Municipal Utilities in the German city of Schweinfurt

HOT Neighbour | United Kingdom | 2023 | 03’
Director: Alexandra Boulton
Writer: Alexandra Boulton
Cast: Alexandra Boulton
Synopsis: A young woman attempts to email her hot neighbour asking him to turn the music down – but things quickly get out of hand.

Music Video – Official Selection – October 2023

Lisa Pac – All In | Austria | 2023 | 03’
Director: René Rodlauer
Producers: Sarah Zaza, Sabine Tatzgern
Synopsis: “All In” offers a visual portrayal of the independent artist Lisa Pac, traversing various settings that mirror the emotions of vulnerability, risk, and eventual reward. The music video transitions from a vivid and intense environment to more grounded scenes, capturing her solitary journey within the industry’s challenges in black and white. Symbolically, money represents both the sought-after reward and the inherent risk that accompanies a young artist’s pursuit of success. The act of wagering everything on oneself becomes a striking visual metaphor, encapsulating the essence of the song’s meaning and sentiment.

I Walk the Line | United Kingdom | 2023 | 03’
Director: Paul Griffin
Synopsis: UK-based musician SAER announces his unique take on Johnny Cash’s classic song, “I Walk the Line”. Recognized for his ability to navigate a myriad musical styles, SAER reinterprets this timeless piece as a dark and moody epic ballad, lending it a distinct aura of haunting sombreness. SAER’s vocal is beautifully performed with his flying falsetto in stark contrast to the deep tones of Cash. The cover is about as far away as you could imagine both in terms of tempo and atmosphere, in this new sonic backdrop, the lyrics don’t lose their meaning either, a juxtaposing polar effect in SAER’s musical arrangement gives this version a life and presence all of its own. Starting with a delicate piano, accompanied by strings and a chilling drone effect, the track then lifts into an expansive soundscape with a resonant drum and synth, reflecting SAER’s darker interpretation of the lyrics. This rendition interestingly aligns more with Johnny Cash’s original intention for the song to be a romantic ballad before his record company suggested the song be cut as an upbeat single release. The accompanying music video is artful in its own right, produced by long-term collaborator, director Paul Griffin. Employing 1920s noir-style cartoon animation, the video features a CGI black cat with large white eyes traversing the shadowy alleys of a city, metaphorically exploring the darker aspects of Johnny Cash’s life encounters with darkness and danger. Griffin’s attention to detail includes easter eggs throughout the video for devoted Cash fans to discover.

Canaan Cox – Hate Me More | United States | 2023 | 04’
Director: Canaan Cox
Producer: Corey Allen
Synopsis: Official music video for Canaan Cox – Hate Me More

Narrative Short – Official Selection – October 2023

Faith | United States | 2023 | 16’
Director: Oliver Schaffer
Writer: Oliver Schaffer
Producers: Oliver Schaffer, Emily Azeredo, Gabby D’ostilio, Dylan Scott
Cast: Lisa Eve, May Toll
Synopsis: Set in a small New England town during the height of the witch hunt: a fearless and absent-minded teenage girl, Faith, is accused of being a witch by her jealous ex-girlfriend. Faith’s current girlfriend and love of her life now must overcome impossible odds and rescue her from Puritanical prosecution. Featuring Christopher Buckner from Defending Jacob and Bhanu Gopal from Spirited.

My Girl | United Kingdom | 2023 | 05’
Director: Lucy Sloan
Writer: Jack Chambers
Producers: Mylissa Fitzsimmons, Adriana Serrato
Cast: Jack Chambers, Fred Thomas
Synopsis: Two friends argue over a girl that they’re both dating.

Klara’s Dance | Slovenia | 30’
Director: Jan Fabris
Writer: Jan Fabris
Producer: Jan Fabris
Cast: Lara Fortuna, Miha Rodman, Blaž Setnikar
Synopsis: Distressed at an unexpected news, Klara keeps it a secret from her boyfriend thereby risking their relationship.

Beneath a Mother’s Feet | Morocco | 2023 | 16’
Director: Elias Suhail
Writer: Elias Suhail
Producer: Arij Al-Soltan
Cast: Nisrine Adam
Synopsis: In a Moroccan coastal town viewers are drawn into the life of Wedad, a single mother. Balancing societal expectations and her own aspirations, the narrative weaves in elements of superstition and allegory. An ambiguous presence, neither fully real nor imagined, reflects her inner struggles, inviting viewers into her emotional landscape.

Underwater | Switzerland | 2022 | 26’
Director: Nicolas Seguel
Writer: Nicolas Seguel
Producer: Nicolas Seguel
Cast: Fanny Baudet, Louann Zalts, Isabelle-Hélène Bourquin, Claude Fievet, Rose Grosso, Jérôme Brunel
Synopsis: Mara, an introverted girl who lost her father, Erik several years ago, doesn’t practice water dance anymore. Haunted by her anxieties, Mara is in constant conflict with her little sister Lisa, and her mother Sandra who is trying to rebuild her life. She will be confronted with her fear and have to take a life decision: continue to mope or try to move on.

The Square | United Kingdom | 2023 | 20’
Directors: Thomas Arensen, Amelia Lander
Writers: Thomas Arensen, Amelia Lander
Producers: Thomas Arensen, Amelia Lander
Cast: Katherine Moran, Cassie Vallance
Synopsis: What begins as a business meeting between a novelist and her ‘for-hire’ public persona soon curdles into a western face-off.

River | United States | 2023 | 09’
Directors: Rafal Sokolowski, Kanat Umurbekov
Writers: Rafal` Sokolowski, Kanat Umurbekov
Producers: Garrett Bates, Josh Clark
Cast: Alex Might, John Capocci, Barbara Zablocky, Eric Olson
Synopsis: River, a trans woman, returns home to attend the funeral of her estranged father. She arrives consumed by regret for not seeing him before he passed, but instead of closure, she finds that the funeral has been staged and that her father faked his death to lure her into ‘conversion therapy’.

Tea | United States | 2023 | 05’
Director: Eva Wu
Writer: Eva Wu
Producers: Eva Wu, Yijun Wang, Yu Zhang
Cast: Teake, Nanyi Jiang
Synopsis: Josh, an arrogant man, arrives at an ancient temple to challenge the world’s greatest martial artist. Upon meeting Lin, a young woman, he underestimates her abilities, leading to unexpected and deadly consequences. Lin marks his defeat in a unique way, adding to a long list of fallen challengers.

Short Comedy – Official Selection – October 2023

The Blow Up | Australia | 2023 | 03’
Director: Kyan Woodpower
Writer: Kyan Woodpower
Producer: Nicole Thorn
Cast: Jarryd Doyle, Lawrence Ola
Synopsis: A man’s romantic getaway comes under threat when his best friend discovers the big secret he has been hiding from him.

Rudy | Australia | 2023 | 03’
Director: Kyan Woodpower
Writer: Kyan Woodpower
Producer: Nicole Thorn
Cast: Lawrence Ola, Kayla Stanton
Synopsis: A young man finds himself incorrectly labeled as something he most definitely is.

What Would Julie Do? | United Kingdom | 2022 | 08’
Director: Grace Alwyn Ashworth
Writer: Valerie Bundy
Producer: Luke Davies
Cast: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Valerie Bundy, Nicole Barber-Lane, Shawn W. Ashworth, Rachael Fagan, Julie Walters, Alison Macauley
Synopsis: Starring Corrie legend Julie Hesmondhalgh and a cameo from Golden Globe, BAFTA and Emmy Award winning actress Julie Walters, this surreal comedy follows Alison who goes to great lengths to overcome her anxiety in a make-or-break audition. Thank goodness for imaginary mentors.

Childhood Friends | Germany | 2021 | 08’
Director: Jana Filzhuth
Writer: Jana Filzhuth
Producer: Jana Filzhuth
Cast: Friedrich Witte, Gerrit Neuhaus
Synopsis: PAUL and FRANZ have been childhood friends. While waiting for Franz‘s son in the kindergarten Franz asks Paul if he could take care of his son on the weekend. Paul is confessing he is a paedophile and he doesn‘t want to take the risk. At the end the question is how much trust you can give a paedophile and how far does friendship go.

House of Switzerland | Switzerland | 2023 | 25’
Director: Bernie Forster
Writer: Bernie Forster
Cast: Isabelle Flachsmann, Marie Fontannaz, Délia Antonio, J.C. Williams, Bernie Forster, Tanya Chainey, Alex Harland, Giovanni Bienne, Marco Canadea, Georgie McGuigan
Synopsis: Promoting Switzerland. Using all available resources. Such is the goal of the fictitious agency “House of Switzerland” in London. The friendly bunch of misfits leave no stone unturned to “sell the cheese” while dealing with their own troubles in the big city. When they invite two British journalists for a promotional dinner, things get less and less neutral by the minute.

Short Drama – Official Selection – October 2023

Quiche | Canada | 2022 | 11’
Director: Suzannah Moore
Writer: Suzannah Moore
Producers: Suzannah Moore, Adam Crosby
Cast: Linda Kash, Suzannah Moore
Synopsis: A suspicious neighbour presses her way into the kitchen of a private new mother.

Deliveryman Charles | Republic of Korea | 2023 | 32’
Director: JongKwang Lee
Writers: HyeRang Yang, JongKwang Lee
Producers: HyeRang Yang, MinWoo Jeong
Cast: Joey Albright, JunSeong Heo
Synopsis: Charles, who walks to deliver food in Korea meets a young boy Gi-young who orders a hamburger steak alone at home. Gi-young has been so lonely and bored staying home, so he decides to follow Charles’ journey.

Memories of Vincennes | France | 2023 | 21’
Director: Theo VINCENT
Writer: Theo VINCENT
Producer: Anne LUTHAUD
Cast: Khadim FALL, Bamar KANE, Banfa SISSOKO
Synopsis: The Bois de Vincennes. The ruins of a colonial exposition building where strange voices and old images slumber that no one wants to revive. Yet Moussa has only one obsession: to keep close to him his friend whose lifeless body has returned to Senegal.

Returning Home | China | 2023 | 11’
Director: Xi Wenting
Writer: Chen Yutong
Producers: Qiu Qihu, Qiu Sheng
Cast: Shao Hong, Jiang Tao
Synopsis: It was a time of chaos, war raging everywhere. The old mother is always humming the lullaby, hoping that her son can return home from the cruel battlefield. Surprisingly, his son appears at the doorstep on a cloudy day. However, the mother did not know that it was the last return of her young son. The boy had already died in battle. It was the mother’s song that helps he’s ghost to find the way home.

Short Horror – Official Selection – October 2023

Bent Spoons | United States | 2023 | 14’
Directors: Josh Brodis, Arnold Aldridge, Lou Castro
Writer: Josh Brodis
Producers: Josh Brodis, Jordan Henderson
Cast: Josh Brodis
Synopsis: Jack is convinced his father committed suicide because he was possessed, not because he was mentally ill. Battling with his own inner demons, Jack returns home years after his father’s suicide to find answers about a darkness that brews within himself. He gets no help from a mother that bottles each emotion, so he investigates and winds up in a fever dream of memories he’s since suppressed. A red amulet keeps appearing on his journey, confirming Jack’s possessed theory in his mind. He slowly discovers the evil he remembered in his dad was indeed his father – but alas, a severely mentally ill and misdiagnosed father. It’s not until the end that Jack can truly see how sick he is himself – and that the amulet was actually a locket of father and son that was always worn and deeply cherished. In the end, Jack seeks help and is hopeful for a brighter future with support, something his father tragically wasn’t able to do.

The House | United States | 2023 | 18’
Directors: Ben James Cassiani, Matthew Marcus Havey
Writers: Matthew Marcus Havey, Ben James Cassiani
Producers: Ben James Cassiani, Matthew Marcus Havey
Cast: Matthew Marcus Havey
Synopsis: Tom, a late 20s outcast in the rural world comes across a country farm house. The allure of the house begins to satisfy Tom in ways that no person has been able to. His desire for instant gratification could end up giving him more than he bargained for…

Student Short – Official Selection – October 2023

Fruiting Bodies | Canada | 2023 | 03’
Director: Mia Milardo
Synopsis: A vivid exploration of transformations and aesthetics in nature and the female body.

Free Fall | United States | 2023 | 05’
Director: Rodolfo Melchiorre III
Writer: Rodolfo Melchiorre III
Cast: Mackenzie Graham, Wakai, Douno
Synopsis: A women’s journey to the other side.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice! | United Kingdom | 2023 | 04’
Director: Anoushka Agarwal
Cast: Agnishikha Ray, Jia Brahmakshatriya
Synopsis: A woman’s meticulously organized routine gets upended when her home starts to unravel and reality starts to creep in. The film tackles the issues of violence and oppression that underlie domestic life, examining the uneven division of household chores, the unspoken suffering women endure, and the constant presence of authority that reinforces gender roles within the home. It also explores how young girls are socialised into becoming perfect homemakers, exposed to these expectations through every aspect of their lives, including observing the women around them dutifully adhering to the same scripts.

Grand Vitara | Romania | 28’
Director: Dan Marian Saracut
Writer: Dan Marian Saracut
Producers: Dan Marian Saracut, Gelu Saracut
Cast: Vlad Cătană, Costantin Dura, Radu Trif, Alina Mișoc
Synopsis: Toni and Costel sell cars from the Netherlands to Romania. Emil wants a second-hand Grand Vitara. A road movie about friendships, disappointments and many unexpected things.

The Adventures of… | United States | 2019 | 17’
Director: Sophia Loffreda
Writer: Sophia Loffreda
Producer: Daniel Earney
Cast: Marcelle Purdy, Stephanie Slayton, Derek Babb
Synopsis: When Millie decides an old Mary-Kate and Ashley book she borrowed from the library 19 years ago and never returned is a way of reconnecting with Jules before leaving town, she’s surprised to find her childhood best friend is living a new life she doesn’t recognize. ‘The Adventures of…’ is a film about the growing (apart) pains of early adulthood, the safety of the past, and the people we call home.

The Leak | Belgium | 2023 |08’
Director: Paola Cubillos
Synopsis: The tranquility in a woman’s apartment is imperiled by the emergence of a water leak. The drops fall as a reminder of the unspoken memories that have long been suppressed. The incessant dripping becomes a portal to another space-time, where vivid echoes of a burning tree come to bridge the gap between forgotten childhood emotions and the woman’s current reality. As the water leak continues to create ripples in the woman’s once-quiet existence, she learns that some echoes cannot be silenced.

Gravity, among other things… | United States | 2021 | 04’
Director: Samuel Mitchell
Writer: Samuel Mitchell
Producer: Samuel Mitchell
Cast: Harry Kahane
Synopsis: When a college student enters a vicious cycle, he must decide whether he’ll give in to his impulses or break the loop.

The Drowning Fish | China | 2023 | 11’
Director: Jiaxuan Li
Writer: Jiaxuan Li
Producer: Yonghui Wu
Cast: Jiating Zhang
Synopsis: When Yan(23) discovers that the new delivery guy is the criminal who raped her in her childhood, she needs to decide whether to reconcile with her past.

To Mother | Poland | 2022 | 14’
Director: Aleksander Szamalek
Writer: Aleksander Szamalek
Producer: Krystyna Doktorowicz
Cast: Paweł Kempa, Judyta Paradzińska
Synopsis: Adam, now an adult man, returns to his home village after a long stay in a closed center. Marked by the tragedy of the past, he tries to adapt to the new reality and re-establish a relationship with his mother. His empathy for nature and animals, as well as memories and longing, turn out to be disastrous, which causes Adam to cross a certain line, which has irreversible consequences.

Overthought | United States | 2023 | 09’
Director: Andrés Santiago
Writer: Andrés Santiago
Producer: Annanya Dave
Cast: Amanda Melendez, Jorge Muñoz
Synopsis: Carlos, a 10 year-old, tries to evade his fears by submerging himself into a mystery story about Arturo, a 35 year-old detective on a journey to navigate away from his problems, only to find out that facing them is inevitable. This pushes them to the point of realizing that the power to confront each their fears was always within themselves.

Sophie | Iceland | 2023 | 18’
Director: Marie Lydie Bierne
Writer: Marie Lydie Bierne
Producers: Marie Lydie Bierne, Jana Arnarsdóttir
Cast: Яna Starostina, Sara Rut Arnardóttir, Gunnbjörn Gunnarsson, Guðmundur Sölvi Sigurðsson, Sunny Thor, Jhordan Nificent
Synopsis: A young woman’s party with her friends doesn’t go as planned when her boyfriend rapes her and she meets a poetic embodiment of femininity.

THE TOWER | Germany | 2023 | 04’
Synopsis: Inspired by the book “Frankenstein – the modern Prometheus”, the animated short film deals with the inner emotional world of the monster, which was born into a world in which, despite all its efforts, it cannot experience happiness. Regardless of this, the Character of our short film provides a projection screen for the general futility of life. If needed we can provide a Version of the movie with english subtitle via unlisted YouTube Link or as a Download.

Overclocking | Russian Federation | 2023 | 07’
Director: Alexander Vikulov
Producer: Alexander / ARKA FILM Vikulov
Synopsis: A hero awakens in a mining farm powered by human brains, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Under pressure from aggressive orderlies trying to administer a mysterious injection, he discovers superhuman reflexes and intellect, allowing him to overcome his adversaries and escape to freedom.

Who’s Next? | Ireland | 2023 | 07’
Director: Sarah Connolly
Writer: Sarah Connolly
Producers: Cian Byrne, Dylan Owens
Cast: Colin Murphy, Richard Cawley, Ciara Power, Mark Manning, Yasmin Reynolds, Josh Thompson, Jessica Thompson, Yasmin Hanratty, Jack McKay
Synopsis: As David’s funds begin to diminish, his poor living situation mirrors his poor treatment of others. Although he may appear to be put together at first glance, he is slowly falling apart grasping this untrue ‘wealthy image’. There are news reports of the housing crisis, and the eviction bans that are in place that can affect anyone at any time.

Tea | United States | 2023 | 05’
Director: Eva Wu
Writer: Eva Wu
Producers: Eva Wu, Yijun Wang, Yu Zhang
Cast: Teake, Nanyi Jiang
Synopsis: Josh, an arrogant man, arrives at an ancient temple to challenge the world’s greatest martial artist. Upon meeting Lin, a young woman, he underestimates her abilities, leading to unexpected and deadly consequences. Lin marks his defeat in a unique way, adding to a long list of fallen challengers.