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Congratulations to our May 2019 Award Winners

BEST FILM Lucy | Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela | 2018  | 15’      Director: Roberto Gutiérrez          Writers: Roberto Gutiérrez, Héctor Torres              Producers: Rafael Ponce, Roberto Gutiérrez Cast: Luigi Sciamanna, Eloísa Maturén, Elvis Chaveinte,

SHORT to the Point

Congratulations to our December 2018 Award Winners

BEST FILM Lost Face | Australia-Canada | 2016 | 14’ Director: Sean Meehan Writer: JACK LONDON (short story), SEAN MEEHAN (adaptation) Cinematographer: SEAN MEEHAN Ket Cast: Martin Dubreuil, Gerald Auger, Morris Birdyellowhead Synopsis:

SHORT to the Point