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Wine game: review


Directed by: Vahan Bedelian

Starring: Philip E. Walker

Short Film Review by: #StefaniaMihailescu

Phillip E. Walker-MFA is this comic, one-man-silent micro short film’s lone performer. 

Wine Game is a meaningful short that absurdly retells the Sisyphus punishment myth with the stone rolling up the hill being a worker’s wagon fueled by the Nectar of the Gods. 

The actor’s reactions replace any words that could have been present in the film, and puts you there, on set, next to him. You’re not anymore a spectator but an active participant.

Lots of feelings succeed one after another, until suddenly something happens and the main character reacts with greed.

Along our lifetime we’re tempted to carry too many things at the same time, both literally and metaphorically.

If at some point we’re thinking that in a strike we’re very lucky while finding a treasure that we’ll get us rich easily, that might turn against us.

That usually happens when we get distracted from our initial mission.

Greed is an excessive desire for any possession, and choosing one or another is very difficult. The lessons we learn when grabbing things that don’t belong to us, is that while we thing we won, we actually loose.

Freud argued that greed was natural, that man was born greedy. Yet, it’s in our conscience to adapt and behave properly.

The director Vahan Bedelian undelines the idea thatwe are  all modern day Sisyphus, we work tirelessly day in and day out, carring heavy loads.

There are plenty of contradictions between people’s judgments and their actions, and the disappointment occurs when things happen differently than the expectations.