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Two bellmen

Directors: Daniel Malakai Cabrera

Country: United States

Duration: 17:38

Bellmen Gage and Christian are two of the best on the business.  Gage has been trained in the “bellman way,” he’s the oil in the machine that keeps the flow of the hotel alive and he’s obsessive about serving the hotel and guests.  Christian is the new kid. Talented, good looking and good at his job, he’s also cocky and undisciplined.

The two are cordial but competitive as they both aspire to be Employee of the Month and lately, things have been heating up. Today there is a fine art event being held at the hotel, arranged by favorite guest Mr. Santos, but a group of art thieves known as the Purple Panthers are planning on a heist. The two bellmen must work together to save the day…becoming friends in the process.