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The taste of love

The Taste of Love | China | 2018 | 24’

Director: Jinwu HE           

Writers: Tao ZHENG, Xiangxin LI 

Producer: Min ZHANG    

Key Cast: Luqi PENG, Yinzhang ZHU          

Synopsis: The Taste of Love tells a story about the male lead, Jianjun played by Yingzhang Zhu. He came from an unprivileged family, making a living by selling crispy ducks, but he was longing to change his fate. Yinhe, the female lead played by Luqi Peng, went to Guizhou with her parents when she was 20. She gradually fell in love with Jianjun, the country boy, whom she found simple, authentic and unpretentious, and she wanted to be with him.

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