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The Ballerina, Her Shoemaker and His Apprentice

Director: Eva Ye

Country: United States

Duration: 16:10

Synopsis: Set in the 1930s, a lost young man George stumbles upon the refined world of ballet pointe shoe making and redeems his value as the apprentice under the shadow of Mr. Traynor, a talented but stuffy pointe shoemaker. George’s imagination turns into a reality when he becomes smitten with the Ballerinas the shoes are built for, one named Sylvia particularly, but soon learns this magical and distant world is not beyond the reach of affliction.

Director Biography – Eva Ye

Eva was born and bred in Southeastern China, a scenic town of Hangzhou. She began pre-professional ballet training at the age of 9 and it has taken a special place in her heart ever since. She moved to the US in 2007 in pursuit of her B.S. in Finance and Math at University of Maryland, and she relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue her dream as a filmmaker at University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. She wrote and directed the dramatic short film “The Ballerina, Her Shoemaker and His Apprentice”. She is a recipient of Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program award and Carole & Larry Auerbach and Family Finishing Fund. She is recently selected as a participant in Ryan Murphy Television’s Half Mentorship program.