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Sycamore: trailer

Sycamore | Turkey | 2019 | 15’

Actor: Mahmut Gökgöz

Cinematographer: Erkan Șimșir-Gokhan Deniz

Director: Mehmet Tığlı   

Writer: Mehmet Tığlı      

Producer: Erkan Şimşir   

Cast: Mahmut Gökgöz, Barış Aksavaş, Sefa Turan

Synopsis: An old man spends the day wandering the streets of Istanbul. He communicates with the trees and seagulls rather than other people. All day, he checks the ATMs to find change like a child, even though he does not own an ATM card. He gets happy when he finds money and indignant when he doesn’t. For the old man, life is like a game that has remained from his childhood. And the sycamore leaves are a part of this innocent game.