Short to the Point Sponsors enjoy promotion in over 300 annual events and screenings, plus an array of online services.

Sponsoring the Short to the Point International Short Film Festival is a great way to support this cultural event as well as gain excellent marketing exposure for your business. We encourage all levels of sponsorship and encourage you to get involved in the Festival soon to take advantage of many months of promotion leading up the monthly Festival.


  • Your donations help cover our operating budget. We don’t sell tickets, the events have free entries so we can’t put this Festival on without your support, which helps to pay for venues, AV expense, filmmaker awards, advertising and marketing, and our staff too.
  • The sponsor support helps keep our tickets and passes free. We are an inclusive festival, not exclusive and we want to keep it that way.
  • It allows us to be able to partner with a lot of local non-profits by screening great short films that matches their mission and issues.
  • We provide educational opportunities for budding filmmakers and film-lovers of all ages. Whether it’s our Behind-the-Scenes panels, Q&A’s at the screenings, or our Film Workshops for youth filmmakers, it is our mission to entertain, educate and inspire filmgoers and filmmakers.

We stand for diversity, innovation, uniqueness of vision and artist-driven expression. If our vision aligns with yours, please contact us at shorttothepoint[@]gmail[.]com to discuss opportunities.