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Short Film Factory – June 2023 Awards

Best ‘City Life’ Winners

The Job, Director: Tatiana Wanda Doroshenko

Best ‘Nature’ Winners

ASHES, The myth of the heron and the 62 lakes, Director: Charles-Antoine Thériault

Best ‘Social Change’ Winners

The Truth About Giving Homeless People Money, Director: Mark Horvath

Where Do They Go? The Painful Reality of Seattle’s RV Homeless Sweeps, Director: Mark Horvath, Alex Gasaway

Peer Supervised Drug Consumption Site: A Solution to Overdose Deaths, Director: Mark Horvath, Alex Gasaway

Best ‘Relationship’ Winners

Tell us, Director: Gregory Sazanov

Best ‘Digital Art’ Winners

Little t, Director: Masha Ellsworth

How to Talk to Kids about Homelessness, Director: Mark Horvath

Panchita!!, Director: Doug Bello, Tom Alex Buch

Best ‘Music and Dance’ Winners

Oh My Night, Director: Isis Mihrimah Cabolet

Best ‘Non-Fiction’ Winners

Informal Man, Director: Luca E. Avdiaj

Morone, Director: Samy Dahlman Taman, Jacob Carlsson

Honorable Mention

ATIVIO, Pieces of wood, Director: Juliette Boucheny

A Big Fish, Director: Violette Horvat, Anaïs González