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Short Film Factory – June 2022 Awards

Best ‘Cheer Up’ Winners

Sleepless Beauty, Director: Gog Mkrtchyan

Best ‘City Life’ Winners

ROOMS WITH A VIEW, Director: Nickolas Papadimitriou, Nikoleta Paraschi

Me and My Winter Games-Perfect Holiday, Director: Haoling Lee, Ming Zhong, Zhe Zhang, Liwen Wang

Cockroaches, Director: Adel Khan Faroog

Best ‘Nature’ Winners

Be Wild to ReWild, Director: Dick DeAngelis

Best ‘Relationship’ Winners

Still Alive, Director: Jaehee Cheong

Doing Swell, Director: Kendall Punsalan Veasey

The Hive, Director: Greg Karvellas

Best ‘Imagination’ Winners

My Tiny Friends, Director: Jiyoung Park

The Better Angels, Director: Michael Cusack

Best ‘Digital Art’ Winners

Cold Square, Director: Mo Xiaolin

Best ‘Non-Narrative’ Winners

Zolle: Resign, Director: Kristian Pedersen

Best ‘Music and Dance’ Winners

I Made The Ruins, Director: Sar Cohen, Ricardo Bouyett

Best ‘Non-Fiction’ Winners

Visiting Ben Shemen, Director: Miriam Harris

Shetani, Director: Niva Ehrlich

Honorable Mention

Saturation, Director: Lucija Bužančić

Girl in the Water, Director: Shi-Rou Huang

Visiting Ben Shemen, Director: Miriam Harris

Good intentions, Director: Anton Sergeevich Dolganov

Dealing with my eggs, Director: Margot Houget

Looking forward to the Asian Games, Director: hu li huai

Defy the Odds, Director: Corry Wiens

Hush, Director: Emilie Beck

When The Wind Blows, Director: Benjamin Mason

SOLO MODE, Director: Tamara Kotevska