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Short Film Factory – January 2023 Awards

Best ‘Cheer Up’ Winners

$TACK$, Director: Gerald Webb

Exhibit A, Director: James Wilkinson

WAVES, Director: Katharina Keil

Best ‘Nature’ Winners

Woodbridge, Director: Barnaby Omar

Best ‘Social Change’ Winners

My Name Is Rhee jin-won, Director: HYUNSOO CHOI

Best ‘Relationship’ Winners

A Day, Director: James P Rees

At the circuit, Director: Olivier van Malderghem

ENOMENA, Director: Phaedra Vόkali

RINGWORMS, Director: Will Lee

Remember, Director: Alberto Serra

Cold Tea, Director: Asim Overstands

Best ‘Digital Art’ Winners

Shelf Life, Director: Peter Litwinowicz

Era, Director: Gabe Imlay

Things, Director: Oscar Renni, Oana Adina Enache

Best ‘Music and Dance’ Winners

Shades, Director: Madeleine Karlsson

The Lonely Child Project, Director: Stacie Dunlop, Angola Murdoch, Holly Treddenick

Best ‘Non-Fiction’ Winners

The Chicago Five, Director: Mara Vija Pelecis

Honorable Mention

The Smile, Director: Erik van Schaaik

The Benefactors, Director: Christophe Lopez-Huici

ENOMENA, Director: Phaedra Vόkali

Untitled Days, Director: Eva Rini May Cragg

Tomato Kitchen, Director: Junyi Xiao

I only appear dead, Director: Mira-Belle Rose Bryld