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Short Film Factory April 2017

UK, Franta, Grecia, Romania, SUA, Peru sau Brazilia, acestea sunt originile filmelor proiectate in luna Aprilie la Short Film Factory. De la comedie la suspans, de la drama la thriller, filmele de luna aceasta ne vor purta intr-o calatorie in lumea dansului, vor face o analiza a sentimentului de singuratate sau ne vor pune intrebari referitoare la limitela dintre absurd si realitate. Va asteptam cu drag in locatiile partenere sa ne bucuram impreuna de o seara plina de aventura, mister si comedie.

Filmele sunt subtitrate in limba engleza.

Intrarea este libera.

Durata proiectiilor va fi de 2’38”. Mai jos aveti programul locatiilor partenere din tara.



Vineri 21 Aprilie, ora 18:00

Sala Galeriile de Arta

Tătărași Athenaeum, Cultural institution

Address: Strada Ion Creangă 14, Iași 700321

Phone: 0232 261 846



Miercuri 26 Aprilie, ora 20:00

Libraria Habitus

Address: Piața Mică 4, Sibiu 550182

Phone: 0269 250 383



J’ai Bistrot

Miercuri 26 Aprilie, ore 20:30

Address: Piața Mărășești 6, Târgu Mureș 540327

Phone: 0372 989 296



Vineri 21 Aprilie, ora 19:00

Fabrica de pensule

Address: Strada Henri Barbusse 59-61, Cluj-Napoca 400124

Phone: 0731 854 976


Multumim foarte mult celei care a realizat ilustratiile posterului, Almatheya Andra –


Pentru mai multe informatii va invitam sa ne vizitati aici:


Luna Aprilie a anului 2017 vine cu o noua selectie de filme premiate international. Iata lista mai jos:





The Call

Director: Ethan Jahan

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 11:57

Synopsis: At home in his apartment, THE MAN obsessively cuts out stories of war and terror from newspapers while the TV news blares. He meticulously tapes the cuttings to the walls of his living room, which are already covered in hundreds of articles.

A ringing cuts through the sound of the TV and, after fishing through the sea of papers carpeting the floor, the man uncovers an old style telephone and lifts the receiver.

The call is from THE AUTHORITY, who tell him his city is under attack, and that he should lock all doors and windows for his own safety.

He complies, sealing himself in, then continues to cut out newspaper headlines and monitor scenes of riots and upheaval on the TV and online. He receives another call from the Authority, warning him of contamination of the water supply, and his panic increases.

As the sound of conflict outside grows louder and he receives yet more calls. Wearing a gas mask for protection and plunged into darkness following a power cut, he can finally take no more.

Yanking the phone from its socket he tears down the tape sealing the door and heads outside to see what horrors await him. But instead of the carnage he’d been shown on the news, the man instead finds himself faced with an ordinary street scene.

In shock he removes his gas mask and staggers off down the street, not noticing his neighbour returning home next door. Shortly after the neighbour enters his own flat, he starts to tape newspaper to his own window, while from within a telephone begins to ring…




Director: Jacqueline Lentzou

Country: Greece

Duration: 28:00

Synopsis: Stephanos, a reactive teenager, oldest of a family with no father, has a fight with his mother. Left home-alone with his siblings and sick dog, Lucy, he has no idea that this would be the last, most carefree day of his life.



The Bright Side of Dawn

Director: Quentin Jégo

Country: France

Duration: 10:55

Synopsis: During a free party, Dawn becomes the prey of a mysterious young woman.



Moving Southwark

Director: Jevan Chowdhury

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 05:29

Synopsis: The dying moments of 24 dancers, each consumed by the city of London. Moving Southwark is a magical realist expression of London’s medieval backyard.




Director: Kristina Cepraga

Country: Romania

Duration: 29:00

Synopsis: Tamara, Echelon is a black surreal comedy. It is the story of Tamara the leading, a 75 years old woman that has this ritual going at the cemetery to search maybe a new victim, a ‘new’ man. She loves to flirt and that’s how our story begins. She meets Gelu, an 80-year-old man widowed also that is getting convinced by her to visit her the next day with an excuse. We’ll be the watchers of this wearied characters that lives into the same building as Tamara. A tragic comic situation that livers us with a lot of questions about life and death, about the fact that there’s always somehow, somewhere, someone watching us.



Two Bellmen

Directors: Daniel Malakai Cabrera

Country: United States

Duration: 17:38

Synopsis: Bellmen Gage and Christian are two of the best on the business.  Gage has been trained in the “bellman way,” he’s the oil in the machine that keeps the flow of the hotel alive and he’s obsessive about serving the hotel and guests.  Christian is the new kid. Talented, good looking and good at his job, he’s also cocky and undisciplined.

The two are cordial but competitive as they both aspire to be Employee of the Month and lately, things have been heating up. Today there is a fine art event being held at the hotel, arranged by favorite guest Mr. Santos, but a group of art thieves known as the Purple Panthers are planning on a heist. The two bellmen must work together to save the day…becoming friends in the process.




Director: Denis Dobrovoda

Country: France

Duration: 12:10

Synopsis: A lonely bank clark discovers a mysterious stain on his bedroom wall, which the local religious community considers to be an apparition of the Virgin Mary. His life turns upside down as he is forced to open his doors to believers of all kinds, who search for higher meaning in the alleged apparition.




Director: Maxime Contour

Country: France

Duration: 04:30

Synopsis:  New York City.
A switch noise and day appears instantly.
This New-York is different: it’s a huge movie set with only facades without depth. Here, all people have a strange characteristic: a confusing and mesmerizing one…
But what are we really?



The last show

Director: Roberto Flores

Country: Peru

Duration: 14:33

Synopsis: Jorge works as a clown in a small circus. Being a clown is all he knows and wants to be for the rest of his life. Suddenly, one day his boss informs him he will have to sell the circus due to the small audiences they have. This news will make Jorge fight in order to prevent the circus being sold, whatever happens, until the last show.



Director: Breno Ferreira

Country: Brazil

Duration: 16:29

Synopsis: The theme discussed – in a tone of comedy and tragedy – is loneliness in old age in Copacabana. The film tells the story of Walter, an old and grumpy man who suffers from loneliness and sees suicide as the only way out. On the other hand, his also lonely neighbor, Vera, wants to get to know Walter, hoping he will become the company she needs. She tries to win Walter using her talent for cooking, always bringing him slices of cake. He doesn’t seem to be interested in Vera. Between the two, there is Zezinho, a young Don Juan doorman, who sees no problem in living on his own.


West Side Swordy

Director: Dan Liu

Country: United States

Duration: 08:00

Synopsis: The Jets chase the Sharks through an alleyway and up over a tall fence, when suddenly they find themselves in another world, magically transported into an abandoned warehouse. Where they are controlled by the electronic beat of world-renowned disc jockey, Deamau5. This is an LA West Side Story. A satirical action fantasy inspired by the music of Birnstein, Deadmau5 and Skrillex.