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Quiet on Set

Director: Petter Holmsen

Country: Norway

Duration: 11:09

Synopsis: We’re in a war-zone. The year must be 1940: World War 2. Soldiers are scattered in the snow: freezing, bleeding and dead. Suddenly we cut out: we’re on a Norwegian film set in 2015. Quiet on set is a metafictional short film that deals with a romantic encounter at bottom of the film world ladder.

Director Biography – Petter Holmsen

Petter Holmsen (25) is a Norwegian writer and director who graduated from Film School in New York in 2014. He has produced numerous shorts and music videos, which have been screened at several major national and international festivals. Holmsen in currently working as assistant director for Hollywood-director Harald Zwart, as well as being the creator for a drama-series for Norway’s biggest public broadcaster; NRK.