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Partner Venues – How to set up your own screening event

We have the experience in organizing short film screenings in all kinds of places, from cinema theatre to pubs, from conference halls to concerts and festivals, from university forums to film workshops, from indoor to outdoor, from cities to villages, camping, seaside, delta, or mountain. In other words, we are screening shorts almost anywhere.

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Set up your own Short Film Factory event. Terraces, cafes, pubs and bars are the places we have already learned to enjoy watching sports under decent projection conditions after years of having hosted only commercials and sometimes TV music channels on the screens of these locations, in the absence of more creative initiatives. We provoke people to a new type of entertainment and thus attempts to lead the worldwide cinematographic audience to the next level of cultural and social integration. Why? Because yes, life beats the film so we can do it. Wherever you are, the process is simple. Our festival is powered by a worldwide community of screening partners. Every screening partner is responsible for organizing their own event – which includes arranging a venue, projection equipment and promoting the event. In the past, we organized our events across a vast network of theatres, music halls, beach bars, pubs, restaurants, galleries, clubs and warehouses, conference halls, concerts, festivals, university forums, film workshops, etc. If you would like to organize a screening for your audience, please get in contact with us. Anyone anywhere can set up a short film screening. You just need an internet connection to download the clip provided by us, a projector, a projection screen (or multiple TV screens), sound system, a computer or flash drive and of course, the pleasure of organizing cultural events. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please email us here: info[at]