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Linoleum: short film review



Directed by: Niki Noves

Short Film Review by: #StefaniaMihailescu

In a dark room, we find two men forehead to forehead, sitting on the floor, heads connected by a helmet with an organic look. They are surrounded by silhouettes motionless and tense. In parallel in a white room, these two men face each other at a distance. They seem to have the power to influence each others behavior. Their struggle has the effect of animating the individuals that sit around them in the dark space.

Alain Chamfort is the link between these two spaces. He is the witness and the narrator. He walks in the dark towards a ray of light in the midst of a group of women and men of all ages walking in the same direction, looking out at the horizon of a new land.

The iconic artist, sensitive, discreet and in the French landscape for over 50 years handles a powerful spiritual tool which uncovers a person to spiritual intimacy. Through music, this mysterious power, he has the ability to captivate, stimulate and keep the listeners coming back for more

Music has become such an integral part of our lives that it is hard to imagine living without it. It has the power to trigger rare emotions through sound.

The song” Linoleum” which proposes a new universe, more electronic and dark, the lyrics and its hypnotic rhythm inspire with each new listening. The power of meaningful words in a song should never be underestimated because there are certain moments in your song that are more memorable than others.

The video makes you travel through ideas, emotions and stories through movement of graceful, rhythmic and coordinated body of steps, turns and shakes. The interrelation between music and dance is so profound that it is one of the most sacred of all expressions, being ritualistic in many religions and even considered one of the highest forms of connection.

The director manages to indicate a post-apocalyptic era by creating a yellow landscape by soft particles of powder floating in the air. At some point you might forget the main idea yet, the repeated phrases and movements will help you discover a strong form of energy unleashed by the fitting.

You will definitely want to listen the song on repeat, but more of that you’ll constantly watch again the video in order to enjoy the worlds created by Niki Noves to inspire your daily feelings.