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Short Comedy – Official Selection – January 2019

Date Night | Romania | 2017 | 17’
Director: Stela Pelin
Writer: Stela Pelin, Ioachim Stroe
Producers: Stela Pelin, Alexandru Mihai, Claudiu Mitcu, Ioachim Stroe , Robert Fița
Cast: Ionuț Niculae, Ilona Brezoianu
Synopsis: Andrei works at a crummy car-wash. Due to a series of unfortunate events he get’s fired. This is terrible news for Andrei giving the fact that he is getting married soon. At home the couple gets in quarrel and Andrei tells a story to avoid the fight. Who knew this was going to be a bad idea?

Geeble: a short film | United States | 2018 | 16’
Director: John Jeffrey Martin
Writer: John Jeffrey Martin
Producer: John Jeffrey Martin
Cast: John Jeffrey Martin, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Marcus Neville, Brandon Raines
Synopsis: “Geeble” is an immigrant, new to the USA. He is in love with the big city. His innocence makes him a target, however, and he truly is challenged, on this day.

The Test | United States | 2019 | 04’
Director: Rani Deighe Crowe
Writer: Rani Deighe Crowe
Producer: Rani Deighe Crowe
Cast: JR Pierce, Sonja Mata
Synopsis: When a guy needs the answers for a test, he gets a girl to let him cheat.

One Up Australia | 2019 | 07’
Director: Alexander Lorian
Writer: Alexander Lorian
Producer: Alexander Lorian
Cast: Ashlyn Burley, Amri Mrisho, Jesse Hislop, Codey Finlay
Synopsis: A woman who’s date robbed her goes to get back what’s hers, but finds that he too is the victim of a similar crime.

GREENKEEPER | Germany | 2019 | 03’
Director: Lisa Pozo Nunez
Writer: Lisa Pozo Nunez
Producer: Daniela Drewke
Cast: Reinhold Moritz, Thorsten Rodenberg, Daniel Schmidt, Arne Löber, Tommy Wiesner
Synopsis: Guenther is a greenkeeper with body and soul. Unfortunately his soccer club stays far behind his ambitions. Since they are about to relegate again, it is on him to save the honor of his team.

Director: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix
Writer: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix
Producer: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix
Cast: Françoise Miquelis, Sara Verhagen, Nancy Tate, Sylvain Savard
Synopsis: A young woman goes with her mother for a routine medical check-up, that turns out to be full of surprises

Short Drama – Official Selection – January 2019

Sea at Night | Germany | 2017 | 26’
Director: Kim Fabienne Hertinger
Writer: Kim Fabienne Hertinger
Producer: Kim Fabienne Hertinger
Cast: Peter Kotthaus, David Steffen, Laura Bettinger, Monika Schiefer
Synopsis: “Meer bei Nacht” (Sea at Night) tells the story about a man, whose disease took away his self-determination, reputation and social support. His tendency to get lost in memories of his past, leads him to a momentous decision.

Life! | Ghana | 2017 | 04’
Director: Ramesh Jai
Writer: Ramesh Jai
Producer: Ramesh Jai
Cast: Frimpong Kwame Daniel, Jane Acquah
Synopsis: Once the only hope of his loved ones back in the village, today Kweku struggles to make ends meet in the city. Heʼs fallen and heʼs given up. He contemplates suicide… Life! was shot in Accra, the capital city of Ghana and stars non-professional actors. The main character played by Frimpong Kwame Daniel hadnʼt faced the camera before.

Look Baba I’m Happy | Germany | 2018 | 26’
Director: Nish Gera
Writer: Nish Gera
Producer: Salli Rebecca Martin
Synopsis: Gulzar, a gay Afghan man, returns to Berlin after the death of his troubled father. He and Baba had not seen each other in eleven years. As he is picking up the pieces in Baba’s flat, he must reckon with dark memories, with everything that happened as Baba’s life spiralled down shortly after their family moved to Germany from Afghanistan, and the ghosts of all that is left unsaid between them in these eleven years.

Sukran | Turkey | 2019 | 13’
Director: Fırat Kaya
Writer: Onur Doğan
Producer: Fırat Kaya
Cast: Pervin Bağdat, Rewşan Çeliker
Synopsis: Fatma is a young teacher living in the oppressive years following the 1980 coup. Police is looking for a militant woman named Şükran and they take Fatma into custody despite knowing that she is not her. Fatma is tortured during the interrogation and finally admits that she is Şükran. When Şükran is captured and sent to the same prison, Fatma confronts her and rejects her existence.

UMBRA | Islamic Republic of Iran | 2018 | 15’
Director: Saeed Jafarian
Writer: Saeed Jafarian, Fatemeh Abdoli
Producer: Rambod Javan
Cast: Goli Alafar, Banipal Shoomoon
Synopsis: A few minutes after midnight, the young lady realizes that her partner disappeared after they had sex. She goes out worried to seek her partner in the darkness of streets.

AUGUST | Islamic Republic of Iran | 2017 | 15’
Director: Samira Norouznaseri
Writer: Samira Norouznaseri
Producer: Samira Norouznaseri
Cast: Nooshika Khodashenas, Nika Sadeghi, Mahin Sadri
Synopsis: Arghavan is excited to see her father on her 9th birthday.

BLOCK | Islamic Republic of Iran | 2018 | 15’
Director: Mostafa Rabbani
Writer: Mostafa Rabbani, Farshad Najafi
Producer: Mostaf Rabbani
Cast: Farhang Omrani
Synopsis: Ehsan, a 16-year old teenage boy, takes a prostitute home for the first time in the absence of his religious family and with the support of his friend. The prostitute gets into trouble by accident. Ehsan who fears the consequences does something irreversible…

DOWN (A TERRE) | France | 2019 | 17’
Director: Arnaud MIZZON
Writer: Arnaud MIZZON
Producer: Arnaud MIZZON, Julien MIZZON
Cast: Arnaud MIZZON, Medi SADOUN, Astrid ROOS, Walid BenMabrouk
Synopsis: Marc lost everything. Without any solution to fill the financial bankruptcy that led to the loss of his relationship, he decided to join a band of outlaws to make a robbery.

A SNAKE MARKED | Canada | 2019 | 14’
Director: Juan Riedinger
Writer: Adam Lolacher, Juan Riedinger
Producer: Adam Lolacher, Juan Riedinger, Matthew Smith Lyons
Cast: Adam Lolacher , Howard Siegel , Christian Convery , Marissa Raylene Burton
Synopsis: A convict receives a surprise visit, forcing him to face his past, blurring the lines of his present reality.

ANGEL’S MIRROR | China | 2018 |14’
Director: Cheng Chao
Writer: Cheng Chao
Producer: Shi Qi, Zhang Lei
Cast: Hao Yiming, Zhang Zhijing, Zhang Lei
Synopsis: In China, in the early 1990’s, a little boy and his family have just come to live in a large factory complex. As he explores his new surroundings, he comes across other boys his age playing ping-pong — and discovers that they are fascinated by a cute little girl who spends her days looking out from the window of an upstairs apartment. Wanting to know more about the girl, he comes up with his own unique way of starting a friendship with her.

BITTER SEA | United Kingdom | 2017 | 15’
Director: Fateme Ahmadi
Writer: Fateme Ahmadi
Producers: Emma Parsons, 60 Degrees
Cast: Ada Condeescu, Belle-Marie Ochiana, Jeff Mirza, Raghad Chaar
Synopsis: An immigrant single mother has recently fled to London to build a better future for her daughter. She’s found a job and place to live, but the landlord has a strict “no children allowed” policy. Trapped in an impossible situation, she has to find a way to hide her daughter being in the flat.

DER BESUCH – THE VISIT | Germany | 2018 | 15’
Director: Christian Werner
Writer: Michael Knoll
Producers: Thomas Springer, Talin Özbalik, Simon Albin, Christian Werner
Cast: Matthias Brenner , Helena Pieske , Peter Schneider , Cornelia Heise
Synopsis: Klaus (60) works voluntary as a Santa Claus in a shopping mall. After an exhausting day, he considers to hang up his job. But then, he gets a call from the children’s intensive care unit.

IRGENDWER – SOMEONE | Germany | 2017 | 15’
Director: Marco Gadge
Writers: Marco Gadge, René Jacob
Producers: Mike Brandin, Marco Gadge, Francis Fulton-Smith
Synopsis: Germany, at the end of WWII. The Red Army fight for every inch of ground in the streets of the city. Greta and her family are hiding in a cellar hoping for mercy. Greta’s father, however, intuits for a very good reason that the Soviets will take brutal revenge. The short film “Irgendwer” (“Someone”) shows that a beginning is still possible, always and everywhere. The film is based on a true story.

THE WIND PHONE | United States | 2019 | 16’
Director: Kristen Gerweck
Writers: Kristen Gerweck
Producer: Linda C. Riedmann
Cast: Megumi Kabe, Hitoshi Masaki, Yukina Takase, Miho Ando, Hiroshi Watanabe
Synopsis: Inspired by true events, THE WIND PHONE intimately follows the emotional journeys of seven strangers. Each is drawn to the same remote and eerie phone booth on a Japanese cliffside, although their conversations couldn’t seem more different. Whereas one caller seeks forgiveness for a fatal transgression and another grapples with a twisted betrayal, others’ motivations are not clear at first. It is not until one of the callers extends a consoling hand to another, that we begin to understand that they are all connected by one harrowing reality.

AURORA | Germany | 2017 | 25’
Director: Philip Escobar Jung
Writers: Lydia Bernhardt & Philip Escobar Jung
Producer: Maximilian Plettau
Cast: Aurelia Schikarski, Julia Schacht, Patrick Kalupa, Roland von Kumman, Iván Sáinz-Pardo, Kathrin von Steinburg, Renate Schauss
Synopsis: 1979. Aurora, ein kleines Mädchen, das in den Bayrischen Alpen lebt, macht mit ihrem Vater Valentin einen Ausflug in die Berge, um einen Sternschnuppenregen zu beobachten. Aurora und Valentin machen von dem Ereignis Fotos, die Aurora am nächsten Tag ihrer Mutter Sylvia zeigen will. Doch beim Abstieg passiert etwas Unerwartetes, dass für Auroras innere Welt eine große Herausforderung sein wird…

BLADGOUD – GOLD LEAF | Netherlands | 2018 | 27’
Director: Vincent Tilanus
Writer: Randa Peters
Producers: Max Eggink, Josephine Moen, Eefje Helmus
Cast: Samuel van den Broek, Lilou Dekker, Hanna Obbeek, Anneke Blok
Synopsis: Owen, a twenty-something couch surfer, is forced to stay at his sister’s home for a few days. His growing deceptions begin to tarnish the image that he is presenting to others. Driven by a growing despair, Owen tries to do everything possible to keep up his appearance and conceal his truth at all costs.

Short Horror – Official Selection – January 2019

Lena | Poland | 2019 | 12’
Director: Jędrzej Gorski
Writer: Jędrzej Gorski
Producers: Maciej Ślesicki, Warsaw Film School
Cast: Weronika Humaj, Olga Miłaszewska, Bartosz Sak
Synopsis: “Lena” tells a story of a young, pregnant girl who lives in a Warsaw’s tenement. Tired of being constantly left alone in her flat, she develops paranoia: she starts hearing someone breaking in and sees words written on the mirror telling her to abort a child. Crushed by this unreal experience, she turns against the father of her child – Konrad, claiming he is responsible for all the bad things in her life, and that he wishes to get rid of a baby. Is it all in her mind or is Konrad really out to get her.

Hauntings And Hallucinations: Three Tales Of Terror | Australia | 2018 | 20’
Director: Joel Stephen Birnie
Writer: Joel Stephen Birnie
Producer: Joel Stephen Birnie
Cast: Fabian Barraza, Renee Joy Faggion, Joel Stephen Birnie
Synopsis: Hauntings and Hallucinations: Three Tales of Terror (2018). A trilogy of my silent horror/comedy short films bringing together an all new remastered Director’s Cut of The NecRomancer, The Experiment of Dr Lebensmittel and Monsieur and the Medium, and now boasting all original scores by Roger Menichelli (The NecRomancer) and Christian Birkedal (The Experiment of Dr Lebensmittel/Monsieur and the Medium). All three films starring the slapstick talents of Fabian Barraza and actress Renee Faggion in her featurette debut. Written, Produced, Edited and Directed (including all other aspects of production) by Joel Stephen Birnie.

ALTITUDE | Austria | 2019 | 11’
Director: Nicole Scherer
Writer: Nicole Scherer
Producer: Alexander Frühling
Cast: Teresa Bönisch, David Miesmer
Synopsis: For two alpinists the hike up to a mountain cabin turns into a life- threatening battle between reality and illusion.

HOMBRE | Chile | 2017 | 22’
Director: Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz
Writer: Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz
Producers: María Ignacia Melo & Maximiliano Scheleff
Cast: Franco Tapia, Daniel Candia, Eduardo Reyes
Synopsis: It’s been several days of cross-country for Miguel and his father. Despite of them walking deep into the wild, they can’t find any animals to hunt. Exhausted by the boorish demands of his traveling companion, Miguel enters the forest during the night, finding a strange monster that dwells there. The boy decides not to reveal the episode and hide the fear he begins to experience. Miguel is torn between his deepest fears and the desire to be a “real man” as dictated by his father, putting his own identity and nature in question.

SALVATION – FRELSUN | Iceland | 2017 | 25’
Director: Thora Hilmarsdottir
Writer: Snjolaug Ludviksdottir
Producers: Eva Sigurdardottir, Thora Karitas Arnadottir, Kristin Olafsdottir
Cast: Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir , Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir , Valur Freyr Einarsson , Ingvar E. Sigurðsson , Dóra Jóhannsdóttir
Synopsis: Katrin wakes up in the hospital after a serious car accident to find that she has received a life-saving blood transfusion. However, the religious cult she belongs to forbids such things. As Katrin struggles to reconcile this conflict with her church and family, she begins to become obsessed with the stranger whose blood is now flowing through her veins.

Short Fantasy/Sci-Fi – Official Selection – January 2019

Birthday | Italy | 2017 | 15’
Director: Alberto Viavattene
Writer: Alberto Viavattene
Producers: Claudio Bronzo, Lorenzo Lotti, Alessandro Regaldo
Cast: Roxane Duran, Sydne Rome, Stewart Arnold, Viola Sartoretto , Loredana Armanni
Synopsis: Night. An abusive nurse wanders through the halls of a nursing home. She integrates her salary by secretly selling prescription drugs to junkies and stealing from the most vulnerable patients. The only thing she hates more than her job is old people. Upon entering room 12, occupied by three sisters, she discovers that one of them has just turned one-hundred years old: there must be a birthday present somewhere… that will change their lives forever.

Eikasia | Portugal | 2018 | 25’
Directors: Francisco Morais, Miguel Pinto
Writers: Francisco Morais, Miguel Pinto
Producers: Dinis Pereira, Inês Mingote
Cast: Francisco Morais
Synopsis: A young adult is living in an abandoned world. His dreams and memories are his escape from reality. After some strange events, he begins a journey looking for answers.

Ponderosa | Canada | 2018 | 17’
Director: Julien Gregoire Peloquin
Writer: Julien Gregoire Peloquin
Producer: Sébastien Croteau
Synopsis: A day in the life of Ponderosa, a young woman who cannot escape the daily exploits brought upon her by tainted, yet lustful, showgoers. What do they truly seek?

LAGE DER NATION – STATE OF THE UNION | Germany | 2019 | 22’
Director: Keno Bueltena
Writer: Keno Bueltena
Producer: Keno Bueltena
Cast: Sebastian Mirow , Jannik Büddig, Marthe Lola Deutschmann , Valentin Mirow
Synopsis: Germany in the year 2033: Europe has collapsed. Rebels plan an attack against the far-right regime. It fails – because one of the rebels is a traitor. Hope lies with a young journalist to fight against the terror regime.

LEKAIME | Spain | 2018 | 17’
Director: Xanti Rodriguez
Writer: Xanti Rodriguez
Producer: Yara Vergara
Cast: Oihana Maritorena, Amaia Lizarralde, Asier Hernandez, Carmen Paz
Synopsis: Lekaime is a project born in the studios of Xanti Rodriguez, a short lm set in the 40s after Hitler’s visit Franco in Hendaye. Title of fantastic terror surrounded by occultism, black magic and touching the controversy of the theft of neonates by a part of a small ecclesiastical collective.

MUFFIN | Greece | 2019 | 17’
Director: Daniel Bolda
Writers: Marilena Karamolegou, Daniel Bolda
Producer: Matina Konstantinidou
Cast: Giorgos Gallos, Sofia Kokkali, Kostas Laskos, Katerina Lipiridou, Andeas Kodopoulos
Synopsis: Willing to pay the price for a new life, a man stops his car in the middle of nowhere and forces his father out, leaving him all alone in the woods; Haunted by his regrets, he then tries to cancel the agreement and bring his father back. What a surprise: there is no such thing.

THE BOOGEYWOMAN | United States | 2018 | 17’
Director: Erica Scoggins
Writer: Erica Scoggins
Producers: Sinah Ober, Dakin Cranwell, Ian Flannery
Cast: Amélie Hoeferle , John Henry Ward, Katherine Morgan , Raquel Ascension , Grace Turner , Nathan Ford Jr. , Keenan Carter
Synopsis: Late blooming Sam Rains finally gets her first period at the annual all-night skate. At first a triumph, her new condition brings strange side effects. An erie electrical problem has the kids teasing about “the Boogeywoman,” a local legend, a sorceress who feeds on men’s souls and eats little girls. When a friend leaks about Sam’s period, the boys tell her she’s fair game for The Boogeywoman. With an expected tryst derailed, Sam leaves the skating rink in a fever only to meet the legend in the flesh. Instead of a monster, Sam finds a mother, a goddess, a mentor–opening the door to womanhood.

THE VISITOR | Australia | 2018 | 11’
Director: Justin Olstein
Writer: Justin Olstein
Producer: Clea Frost
Cast: Felicity Soper, Kasia Kaczmarek
Synopsis: In present-day Melbourne, Naomi is awakened by a frantic young woman on the run. Naomi grapples with a situation that defies reality and as the night unfolds, she must decide how far she can go to protect her visitor from rapidly encroaching danger.

Narrative Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Neon Hearts | The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia | 2019 | 17’
Director: Ana Jakimska
Writers: Ana Jakimska, Diana Voinea
Producers: Lazar Sekulovski, Petar Antevski
Cast: Jordan Simonov, Gordana Endrovska, Simeon Moni Damevski
Synopsis: Petar is a middle aged man who spends a lot of time on the road with his truck. Away from home and his family, he lives a secret life in which he is free to be himself. However, one night, in one of the motels he visits, he is met by somebody who will put an end to his routine.

Champion | Sweden | 2015 | 19’
Director: Måns Berthas
Writers: Daniel Burman, Måns Berthas
Producers: Måns Berthas, Daniel Burman
Cast: Sten Ljunggren
Synopsis: Harsh midwinter. A frozen marriage in a remote cabin. An man from the past returns to seek revenge, and long lost feelings come alive. A wordless battle begins and the eternal triangle finally comes to an end.

Bitchboy | Sweden | 2016 | 15’
Director: Måns Berthas
Writers: Måns Berthas, Daniel Burman
Producers: Måns Berthas, Daniel Burman
Cast: Manne Gidlund, Lo Kauppi, Lena Strömdahl
Synopsis: Lukas, a young dedicated metal head, is visiting his recently departed grandfather at the hospital. Despite the bloodline, he doesn’t want the old man to be buried in the family grave. Dark secrets come to light, and when opportunity comes, he seeks revenge.

Fatta male (Damaged Goods) | Italy | 2017 | 15’
Director: Ludovico Bossi
Writers: Ludovico Bossi, Savino Genovese
Producers: Savino Genovese , Viren Beltramo
Cast: Savino Genovese , Viren Beltramo
Synopsis: Cinzia and Filippo meet in person for the first time after having met on chat. A badly cooked dinner, a few extra drinks, a constant alternation of attraction and embarrassment. They reveal themselves one word at a time, until Cinzia falls in her own usual trap, the one she triggers when she feels insecure. It is easy to relate to this story, in which diversity is only a detail. And it is on the viewer’s eye to decide whether this detail makes a difference.

Melodi | Singapore | 2017 | 12’
Director: Michael Kam
Writer: Michael Kam
Producer: Mabelyn Ow
Cast: Julian Kam, Asmara Abigail, Hock-Chuan Kam , Sunny Pang
Synopsis: An awkward, lonely boy is infatuated with his new neighbor, a young caregiver. In his own way, he reaches out to her…

Il tratto (The Line) | Italy | 2017 | 15’
Director: Alessandro Stevanon
Writers: Claudio Giordano , Alessandro Stevanon
Producers: Daniele Segre , Daniele De Cicco
Cast: Mattia Musa, Mohamed Ba, Eleni Molos, Jean Paul Dal Monte
Synopsis: Federico is an introvert and lonely child. A meeting with an old artist coming from Senegal helps him discover his talent and learn to see others for what they are. “The line” is a tale of a friendship that is founded on those differences that make each of us unique, and of the art of telling the story of ourselves through each other.

Un cortometraje sobre la educacion | Chile | 2017 | 19’
Director: Sebastián Nemo Arancibia.
Writer: Sebastián Nemo Arancibia.
Producers: Sebastián Nemo Arancibia, Valentina Roblero, Javiera Zurita
Cast: Alejandro Trejo, Joseff Messmer , Benjamín Silva
Synopsis: Jorge is a fifty-year-old math teacher who is hired at a school with serious bullying issues. His feeling of powerlessness will lead to his own morals being corrupted.

Little bull | Argentina | 2018 | 13’
Director: Laura Litvinoff
Synopsis: A fishing day between a father and his son. The love, the power, a failed fantasy and a song from infancy that replays itself like a repetitive song and constantly.

Uncle Ted | United Kingdom | 2018 | 12’
Director: Bruno Catarino
Writers: Louise Johnson, Bruno Catarino
Producer: Louise Johnson
Cast: Soolaya-Rose Yusuf, Abdoulie Mboob, Janet Kamara, Trevor Mann, Jacqui Lofthouse
A girl of humble heritage and with big dreams moves to London with the man she loves, but soon finds out not everything is rosy in the big city.

The Moor | United Kingdom | 2018 | 12’
Director: James Everett
Writer: James Everett
Producer: Paul Olavesen-Stabb
Cast: Corin Stuart, Dan Antopolski, Erin Hillyer
Synopsis: Oliver has taken his daughter Heather to the moor to find a May Day celebration but when she disappears he believes a mysterious huntsman has snatched her. As he searches for her, the moor becomes an endless nightmare. Just when it seems Oliver is defeated, he meets the huntsman who tells him his daughter is at a May Day celebration over the hill. Assured by his kind eyes, Oliver thanks the huntsman and goes to the celebration where he finds Heather but a dreadful twist of fate awaits.

The Last Christians | Germany | 2018 | 27’
David Lichtenauer
Daniel Grave, J. David Hinze, Michael S. Ruscheinsky, Pavel Fieber, Thomas Richter, Falko Luniak

Ardentia | Brazil | 2018 | 15’
Director: Thed Oliveira
Writer: Thed Oliveira
Producers: Thed Oliveira, Leonardo Justiniano
Cast: Ghilherme Lobo, Michel Joelsas, Giovanna Moreira
Synopsis: Trying rid himself of his anguish, Arthur burns poetry and songs made with his former partner. However, Isa’s presence makes him remember and feel everything that he wants to destroy.

Mulette | France | 2017 | 22’
Director: Lara Hirzel
Writer: Lara Hirzel
Producers: Jeanne Ezvan, Marthe Lamy
Cast: Iliana Zabeth, Grégoire Montana Haroche, Frank Williams, Delphine Hecquet
Synopsis: Summer 1606. Young Clodomir is sent to keep a close eye on a small river in which a group beautiful young women are fishing for mussels. They are searching for pearls that will be used to bedeck the dress of Marie de Médicis. Clodomir succumbs to the charm of one of them, Mulette.

Edith and Henry | France | 2018 | 15’
Director: Clémence Lebatteux
Writer: Clémence Lebatteux
Producers: Arhtur Goisset, Bastien Daret, Robin Robles
Cast: Maryvonne Schiltz, Jacques Boudet
Synopsis: After 50 years of marriage, Edith discovers that Henry consults porn websites on the computer they just bought. She decides to lock herself in her room but her husband is watching her through the keyhole… A naughty game is about to start between them.

Scooter boy | France | 2018 | 21’
Director: Florence Hugues
Writer: Florence Hugues
Producers: Arthur Goisset, Bastien Daret, Robin Robles
Cast: Bérangère Delobelle, Lucas Henaff, Déborah Grall, Franc Bruneau
Synopsis: Judith’s lover has passed. Her family and friends are being supportive, trying the best they can to make her life back to normal. But how to keep going ? A few days after the funeral, something strange happens. A scooter comes to life and starts to make signs to her.

Private eye | France | 2018 | 23’
Director: Constance Meyer
Writer: Constance Meyer
Producers: Robin Robles, Judith Nora, Priscilla Bertin, Bastien Daret , Arthur Goisset
Cast: Florence Loiret Caille, Pauline Coffre, Hugues Duchêne, Quentin Maussang, Gérard Depardieu , Luana Duchemin
Synopsis: On the Swiss border, a detective is asked to follow a woman whose comings and goings worry her husband. Everything seems normal, until night falls, and the tail begins.

Maksimka | Russian Federation | 2018 | 27’
Director: Ilya Kazankov
Writer: Ilya Kazankov
Producer: Anastasiya Kazankova
Cast: Mickail Porechenkov, Igor Kluchnikov, Ivan Efremov, Aleksander Bukovskiya, Dmitriy Repin
Synopsis: For violation of discipline, friends-students are serving their sentence in the military kitchen for cleaning potatoes and sharing their dreams …

Pillowface | Hungary | 2018 | 11’
Director: Péter Vácz
Writer: Péter Vácz
Producer: Bálint Zágoni
Cast: Dezső Derzsi, Anna Sándor
Synopsis: An introverted man creates a pillow friend in his hotel room to ease his loneliness but this new friendship is short-lived when the maid makes the bedding again and again…

Fire Flames | Canada | 2019 | 05’
Directors: Briggs Ogloff, Tiana Franks, Erin O’Connor
Writer: Erin O’Connor
Producer: Erin O’Connor
Cast: Isla Pouliot, Owen Brackman
Synopsis: During summer’s final moments, Bill reflects on his mother leaving.

Open | Turkey | 2018 | 16’
Director: Kerem Altın
Writer: Kerem Altın
Producer: Kerem Altın, Alihan Karagül
Cast: Polat Bilgin, Mehmet Ulay, Murat Sağlam, Tuğba Kürükoğlu, Kadir Külekçi
Synopsis: Adem, builds himself a boat to go to an island. At the beach, he meets randomly with retired lighthouse keeper Turgut and Ufuk who has problems with his lover, Seher. They joins to boat’s building process. The kid in the beach plays with his sand castle. While boat is building, Turgut has his questions.

Director: Natalia Chinchilla
Writer: Natalia Chinchilla, Bernardo Chinchilla, Bernardo H. Chinchilla
Producer: Bernardo Chinchilla
Cast: Edgar Durán Jr., Paola Rodríguez Olaya
Synopsis: Raul lost his mind. Aurorita, the love of his life had left him without saying a word. Six months later, chance will make them run into each other again. Together, they will both begin a trip through Cundinamarca countryside, which all in just one day they will find out their love’s destiny.

BLUE | United States | 2018 | 15’
Director: Samantha Severin
Writer: Samantha Severin
Producer: Andrew Nisinson
Cast: Veronika Vilim, Mick Spence
Synopsis: A girl goes online at night and speaks to strangers on her webcam.

DIE WILDEN – THE SAVAGES | Switzerland | 2018 | 18’
Director: Joachim Schloemer
Writer: Anja Delz, Milena Keller, Lou Meilli, Joachim Schloemer
Producer: Peter Kraut
Cast: Sandrine Zenner, David Brückner, Stefan Schönholzer, Julius Schröder, Yi-An Chen
Synopsis: An artist wants to part with her agent and the previous artistic partner and invites her along with her boyfriend for a last meal. After the two have learned the news, a tug begins and draws around their person. This long-hidden injured vanity, artistry and intricate love relationships come to light.

HANS IM PECH – HAPLESS HANS | Germany | 2018 | 30’
Director: Rena Dumont
Writer: Rena Dumont
Producers: Rena Dumont / Dumontfilms, Neue Horizonte Film
Cast: Markus Hering, Igor Chmela, David Prachař, Lucie Polišenská, Jean Luc Bubert
Synopsis: The grumpy factory employee Hans Himmelreich has to travel behind the Iron Curtain into a profoundly communist Czechoslovakia of the sixties to have his deceased grandmother buried. Despite prejudice he unexpectedly finds happiness in this Sudeten German province.

LE ROSE ET LE VERT – THE MISSING PIECE | Switzerland | 2018 | 15’
Director: Julien Chavaillaz
Writers: Adrien Gaillard , Julien Chavaillaz
Producers: Vincent Borcard, Pierre Stadler, Adrien Gaillard
Cast: Arthur Choisnet , Olivia Csiky Trnka , Paul Courlet
Synopsis: Baptiste, a lonely outsider, is in love with Mina, the girl from the sex hotline. One day, Baptiste gathers his courage and succeeds in convincing the young woman to accept a rendez-vous at a café in town…

LOVE, LIES & LARCENY | United States | 2018 | 13’
Director: TJ Sansone
Writer: JP London
Producers: Tom Brown, TJ Sansone
Cast: Edoardo Ballerini, Nicol Moeller, Rebeka Choudhury, Ray Longo
Synopsis: Max is a good guy with an average life. But when a devastating circumstance shatters his reality, he’s left with no plan or resources to put it back together again. What does a good person do when bad things happen? They do what needs to be done.

MAKE ALIENS DANCE | Belgium | 2018 | 24’
Writer: SEBASTIEN PETRETTI, Fredrik Mjell
Producers: Giuseppe Conti, Paul Meranger, Sebastien Petretti
Cast: Alastair Natkiel (Mike), Calvin Dean (Murphy) , Eileen Pollock (Lilli), Bob Goody (Dan), Colin Spaull (Commentator), Carol Robb (Boss)
Synopsis: * Gillingham, UK, 2018. Mike, a music producer in free fall, Dan, a sound engineer who is tired of his job, Murphy, the autistic brother with his headphones fixed to his ears, and, Lilli, the mother, are going through a rough time in their lives. Mazzy, the youngest sibling, a singer with a superb voice, has disappeared. What do they have left of her? Hours of recordings: her magnificent voice was recorded onto countless tapes, which are carefully stored and filed in the family studio.

MENUETT | Germany | 2018 | 11’
Directors: Wolfgang Aichholzer & Felix Karolus
Writers: Manu S. Scheidt & Felix Karolus
Cast: Senta Berger, Thomas Thieme, Marlene Morreis, Nara Knöpfle
Synopsis: For Charlotte (Senta Berger) it is like any other Sunday, until the doorbell rings and a stranger (Thomas Thieme) surprises her with an exceptional demand.

Director: Alexander Frank
Writer: Alexander Frank
Producer: Julia Terrey
Cast: Florian Mania, André Meyer, Sophie Breitenröder
Synopsis: Two rebellious clown doctors bring moments of joy and happiness to the terminally ill inhabitants of a hospice for children. But when they encounter Lena, a young girl that vehemently refuses to step into their world of clownery, the two put on the show of their lifetime to fulfil Lena’s last wish.

ONE DAY AT THE SEA – UNE JOURNÉE À LA MER | France | 2018 | 18’
Director: Jonathan Borgel
Writer: Jonathan Borgel
Producers: Santiago Amigorena, Christophe Loizillon
Cast: Nina, Honoré, Thibault, Ferdinand
Synopsis: After years of absence, Agatha returns to the sea resort of her childhood, in Normandy, with her six years old son, Honoré. On edge, loaded with memories, she paces along the boardwalks of Deauville, while her son stays alone in the car. To his few questions, she gives no answers. On the wide beach of Trouville, in front of the old Hôtel des Roches Noires, she leaves him one more time. The film is freely inspired from Marguerite Duras’s play, Agatha.

PLAY | Greece | 2017 | 30’
Director: Vangelis Liberopoulos
Writer: Thomas C. Dunn, Avraam Sekerglou
Producers: Stelios Cotionis, Vangelis Liberopoulos, Rodolfos Valentinos Kriezis
Cast: Yannis Drakopoulos, Nikos Georgakis, Panis Kalofolias, Yiorgos Kentros, Sofia Kokkali
Synopsis: Most adults dream of staying in childhood forever and going through life like in a game, free of society’s rules and restrictions. Five employees in a metal company put this dream into effect. What they find is that you may escape the rules but you can’t escape the consequences or your personal responsibility.

RELICIOUS Italy | 2018 | 09’
Directors: Eugenio Villani, Raffaele Palazzo
Writer: Raffaele Palazzo
Producers: Eugenio Villani /Haselwurm Produzioni Film Commission Piemonte
Cast: Raffaele Palazzo, Giancarlo Palazzo, Manolo Elia, Maryan Pasar
Synopsis: An intellectual dress style man is shopping at the supermarket. After he bought the essential goods, he moves toward the refrigerated section to choose the yogurt to buy. The man realizes with amazement that each one of the yogurt cups has stamped on it the name of a religion instead of the yogurt brand…

SPORTS DAY | China | 2018 | 11’
Director: Lin Tu
Writer: Lin Tu
Producer: Sol Ye
Cast: Jingling Li, Jing Jin, Xiaojun Gong
Synopsis: On an ordinary, hot summer day, Bai and Zhao decide to escape their high school’s mandatory event “Sports Day” to spend some private time. But at the moment Bai walks into an 80s-style rented room that Zhao found, she knows that this room’s got something bizarre and unexplainable going on. As Zhao gets too excited and aggressively forces himself on Bai’s body, she panics and asks Zhao to get condom as an excuse. After Zhao leaves, Bai is left alone. She starts to observe the room with caution and great curiosity. She soon realizes that her instinct is right: there’s someone else in this room, secretly observing her with great interest as well…

THE 100TH VICTIM | Canada | 2018 | 20’
Director: Anthony von Seck
Writer: Anthony von Seck
Producer: Anthony von Seck
Cast: Devon Graye, Anthony von Seck, Tamara Duarte, Tymothy Paul Coderre
Synopsis: A truck stop diner, a killer confesses his bizarre experiments to a blogger for the LA Times. An unassuming middle-aged man shares his appetite for twisting fate and playing God. He has polaroids of his ninety-nine victims, by the end of their meal, one of them will be the next.

THE REMIGRANT | Kosovo | 20’
Director: Astrit Alihajdaraj
Writer: Astrit Alihajdaraj
Producer: Astrit Alihajdaraj
Cast: Leze Qena, Ilire Vinca, Veton Osmani, Florist Bajgora
Synopsis: The Remigrant tells a story about Bashkim (50) and his son Besnik (17). They have a lot in common. They both had to leave their homes at their young age. The father had to flee to Austria because of the war in Kosovo and his son has to go back to Kosovo at the request of the father. The return to Kosovo after seventeen years in Vienna is a hard growing up test for both of them. The strong desire for the place of childhood connects and separates father and son alike.

THE SCORPION’S TALE | United States | 2018 | 23’
Director: Jhosimar Vasquez
Writers: Brandon Lee, Maximiliano Hernandez, Tammy Anne-Fortuin
Producer: Jaime Carbajal
Cast: Maximiliano Hernandez, Adam Irigoyen, Anthony Starke, Ness Bautista, Hayley Keown, Eric Aragon
Synopsis: Greed, revenge and death all impact one another in this taught crime drama. Nothing is what is seems in this film written and produced by Maximiliano Hernández and directed by newcomer Jhosimar Vasquez.

TOMBÉ | Armenia | 2018 | 20’
Director: Diana Kardumyan
Writers: Vahram Martirosyan, Diana Kardumyan
Producers: Ani Vorskanyan, Edgar Karapetyan
Cast: Narine Grigoryan, Tatev Ghazaryan, Tatev Hovakimyan, Armen Margaryan
Synopsis: Kara works in the «Goldfish» eatery all day long washing dishes. Her life has become a closed circle of grey days far from the colors of the big city. Every day she walks home alone at night. She saves money for family. But one night an unexpected incident changes her daily routine.

CLAC! | France | 2018 | 20’
Director: Fabien Ara
Writer: Fabien Ara
Producer: Fabien Ara
Cast: Geneviève Emanuelli, Marie Boissard, Capucine Lespinas, Serge Barbagallo, Juliette Savary
Synopsis: A family dinner at a Chinese restaurant. MOTHER : « I have Alzheimer. I am going to kill myself. Tonight. » The last meal of a family ready to blow and freaking out.

Student Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Call me as you want | Bulgaria | 2019 | 19’
Director: Rositsa Trayanova
Writer: Rositsa Trayanova
Producer: Zlatka Keremedchieva
Key Cast: Zornitsa Georgieva, Yoana Pavlova, Zlatka Keremedchieva, Nikolay Ivanov
Synopsis: Everyone carries their own ego and its consequences.
Alexa, a rebel in her twenties, with open sexuality, wears the bruises made by her father, until she realizes that this is the smallest problem. In the trap of public values and prejudices, her girlfriend, Mel, is stuck between her family’s expectations and her choice to be in a relationship with a woman, a fact she does not dare to admit. Fear of happiness often costs more than the happiness itself.

Impuls | Germania | 2018 | 19’
Director: Lisa Reich
Writer: Josef Zeller, David Benke, Maya Duftschmied
Producer: Emilia Möbus
Key Cast: Petra Michelle Nerette, Aaron Arens, Laura Curenca Serrano
Synopsis: The newly engaged couple Katrin (30) and Martin (27) have chosen “Heartbeat” rings to celebrate their love. Each can now feel the actual heartbeat of the other. What starts as a romantic symbol of their new intimacy is soon both monitoring tool and lie detector.

Dreamland | Poland | 2019 | 19’
Director: Natasza Parzymies
Writer: Natasza Parzymies
Producer: Maciej Ślesicki
Key Cast: Krzysztof Rogucki, Sylwia Gola, Wojciech chorąży
Synopsis: When 19-year-old Boy takes up a job at a local amusement park, he falls in love with a much older Girl who works as his replacement as a bear mascot. There is just one ploblem- The Girl is in a long-lasting toxic relationship with the Boss of the theme park.

Phlegethon | Finlland | 2018 | 13’
Director: Silva Kuusniemi
Writer: Silva Kuusniemi
Producer: Silke Riihinen
Key Cast: Roosa Vuokkola, Gabriel Haratani, Sanna Riihinen
Synopsis: Armed with her book “The ABC of Seduction”, a bored and romantic teenage girl disrupts her lazy summer by befriending a mysterious new boy who moves next door – leading to romance and potential damnation.

Secret | USA | 2018 | 6’
Director: Ysabel Congying Li
Writer: Ysabel Congying Li
Key Cast: Jay Shipman, Ysabel Congying Li
Synopsis: This is a student project. It is a 2D animated short about the theme of “Peeping Tom”. The story moves from one character to another and arrives back to the first character, a man who sells recorded videos of people. It tries to reflect contemporary issues involving digital media and personal privacy.

Flouty Express | Lebanon | 2018 | 23’
Director: Muriele Honein
Writer: Muriele Honein
Key Cast: Lynn Yassine, Anwar Azzi, Philippe Kaï
Synopsis: Their plan was simple: he drives, she marries the dead guy, then they share the inheritance. Oh, and, I’m the dead guy.” Road Movie, Dark Comedy Lebanon

Maids | Argentina| 2018 | 06’
Director: Sofia Castro
Writer: Sofia Castro
Producer: Sofia Castro, Delfina Cocciardi
Cast: Julieta Ferraro, Marlon Nazate
Synopsis: Inspired by Las Criadas de Monterroso (Monterroso’s Maids), this short film combining fiction and screendance presents a maid ballerina embodying the voices of two stock radio drama lovers who plan to murder her with their own hands. On a theatrical setting and in one circular travelling shot, objectivity becomes biased as the body struggles to expose all that is incorporeal, and the question arises as to where the limits between mind and expression are.

Blue sky, clean Earth | Islamic Republic of Iran | 2017 | 11’
Director: Mahyar Mandegar
Writer: Mahyar Mandegar
Producer: Mahyar Mandegar
Synopsis: Massoud is a small time thief who is being charged with terrorism.

DANTE VS. MOHAMMED ALI | Netherlands | 2018 |28’
Director: Marc Wagenaar
Writer: Marc Wagenaar
Producer: Bettie Warnier, Dominique Hoogendoorn, Hanna Burkhardt
Cast: Bas Keizer, Gijs Blom, Helmert Woudenberg, Olga Zuiderhoek
Synopsis: Twenty-year-old Wolf is living in the boxing village of the Netherlands. When he has to fight against his best friend Alexander during a weekly match, he refuses. A rematch is confirmed, which brings Wolf’s feelings and emotions to a boiling point. He tries to convince Alexander to join him leaving the village, but his overly romantic message runs into a wall.

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM | Switzerland | 2018 | 20’
Director: Chanelle Eidenbenz
Writer: Chanelle Eidenbenz
Producer: Filippo Bonacci
Cast: Doris Schefer, Johannes Hegemann
Synopsis: Without understanding why, Irna senses that the relationship with her son Jago is getting more and more hopeless. She seeks refuge in her own world, whose center is Elias, a rubber doll. While Irna holds on to her own reality with all her might, Jago is desperately trying to make his mother understand.

BOT | Germany | 2018 | 23’
Director: Daniel Hoffmann
Writer: Daniel Hoffmann
Producer: Daniel Hoffmann
Cast: Björn von der Wellen, Tara Fischer, Dietmar Wunder
Synopsis: A middle-aged programmer (Noel) stands in front of the ruins of his marriage. With the help of a new intelligent language assistant, Noel tries to redirect his professional and private life into the right path. The artificial intelligence not only assists him in coping with everyday life, but also arranges an appointment with the much younger Claudine.

Director: Bernhard Wenger
Writer: Bernhard Wenger
Producers: Florian Bayer, Clara Kö nig, Bernhard Wenger
Cast: Rasmus Luthander, Anna Å strö m, Elli Tringou, Carl Achleitner
Synopsis: A Swedish couple is on a wellness trip in the Austrian mountains, but after an argument, Aron’s girlfriend leaves, and slams the door behind her. Now, Aron is looking for his girlfriend but can’t find her anywhere. He dives into the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort and drifts along until the question arises if Aron is looking for his girlfriend or really himself.

IVAN | Greece | 2018 | 10’
Director: Pangiotis Kountouras
Writers: Taxiarchis Deligiannis, Vasilis Tsiouvaras
Producers: Taxiarchis Deligiannis, Vasilis Tsiouvaras, Panagiotis Kountouras, Christos Stergioglou
Cast: Christos Sterioglou
Synopsis: Can you consume your human nature in a meal? When hidden instinct is transformed into morbid obsession, then self-preservation turns into a meaningless ritual of imitation, an act of empty logic.

Director: Anna Ludwig
Writer: Anna Ludwig
Producer: Doris Wedemeier
Cast: Jonas Kellner, Vincent Kuplien, Stephanie Kellner, Tobias Lange, Elisabeth Rass, Zeynel Alkis, Peter E. Funck
Synopsis: A single mum is very sad as she isn’t able to afford to hire a Father Christmas on Christmas Eve for her children this year – a typical tradition in this family and parts of Germany. The brothers just notice that mum is unhappy as Father Christmas won’t be coming around. Their conclusion: Mum still believes in Father Christmas. Now it’s up to them to organize a Father Christmas in order to make mum happy again.

SOLITAIRE | Russian Federation | 2018 | 19’
Director: Elena Brodach
Writers: Zeferino Villarreal, Elena Brodach
Producers: Elena Brodach, Yuri Grachevski, Vyacheslav Murugov, Grachevski Film
Cast: Cecile Pliege, Pierre Bourel, Aleksey Yudnikov
Synopsis: Alexandra, a French architect working on a significant project in Moscow, is an intelligent, driven and independent career woman. But when her life’s desire turns to having a child, and with her biological clock ticking, she is suddenly faced with a serious choice: does she have the time to wait for love or must she take responsibility to have a child alone?

THE ACT OF DEVOURING | Czech Republic | 2018 | 24’
Director: Emir Ziyalar
Writer: Emir Ziyalar
Producers: FAMU International, Emir Ziyalar
Cast: Zdenek Rumpík, Andreas Berg, Martin Drozd, Karel Seidl
Synopsis: A troubled man is forced to repeat a grim task in 1940’s Czechoslovakia. Over time, he starts to fail his task and work on his grotesque secret instead. The fear of his secret being discovered slowly becomes unbearable.

TILL THE END OF THE WORLD | Netherlands | 2018 | 27’
Director:Florence Bouvy
Writer: Jessie Tiemeijer
Producers: Eefje Helmus, Charlene Vos
Cast: Linde van der Storm, Juda Goslinga, Gino Mutunda, Fred Goessens, Mike Libanon, Elisa Beuger
Synopsis: Marie is eight years old and loves her dad. In a world where playful dreams can suddenly turn into empty eyes that don’t seem to see her, she tries to stand her own. A story about the strength of a child fighting for the unconditional love of her father.

WELTSCHMERZ | Denmark | 2018 | 29’
Director: Jesper Dalgaard
Writers: Jesper Dalgaard, Denniz Göl Bertelsen
Producer: Niclas Caroc Warner
Cast: Anne Sophie Lübeck, Christian Mollerup, Janick Phil Nielsen, Marie Jensen
Synopsis: While the world is ablaze, a blind director asks her theater group to help her process her broken heart. In a chaotic and iconographic role play, the group embarks on its search for love’s true nature, while the fear of the physical world’s limitations are buried deep underneath the stage floor.

Empty Skies | United States| 2018 | 19’
Directors: Wenting Deng, Luke Fisher
Writers: Wenting Deng, Luke Fisher
Producers: Patrick Reasonover, Matt Edwards, Victoria Hills, Michael Arter, Curt Chatham
Cast: Arthur Welch, ViviAnn Yee
A boy and his new friend hunt their village’s last sparrow for a reward to save his sick Grandma during Communist China’s Great Leap Forward (1958-1961).

Children Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Vacant Rooms | Poland | 2019 | 27’
Director: Bartłomiej Jakubiak
Writer: Bartłomiej Jakubiak, Katarzyna Górat-Rzepka (dialogs)
Producers: Maciej Ślesicki, Warsaw Film School
Cast: –
Synopsis: 11- years old girl called Zosia – the girl from the rich family, who came to visit her aunt in a small village. Everything seems normal except the fact that her aunt’s mansion is known to be haunted. At the beginning Zosia doesn’t really like neither the place nor her aunt. But when she meets a boy at her age and it turns out that they get along really well she seems to enjoy her vacations a little bit more. But one day they decide to take a risk and solve the mystery of that mansion by doing everything what her aunt told her not to do.

Double Presents | United States | 2018 | 10’
Director: Carlos N. Cerutti
Writer: Carlos N. Cerutti
Producers: Eva Herndon, Carlos N. Cerutti
Cast:Audrey Edwards, Aidan Wonderling, Zak Kinnard, Natalie Younger
Synopsis: Two children try to split up their parents to get double presents on Christmas

WATCH ME! | Islamic Republic of Iran | 2018 | 04’
Director: Reza Mehranfar
Writers: Mona Shahi, Gholamali Mikaeli
Producer: Maryam Sanei
Synopsis: A little boy lives in a world full of Anxiety and fear. A fear that does no mining to others. The normal world is in progress but everything for him is loneliness and darkness.

Animation Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Framed | Italy | 2017 | 07’
Director: Marco Jemolo
Writers: Marco Jemolo, Paola Savinelli
Producers: Marco Jemolo, Nicoletta Cataldo, Grey Ladder, Eleonora Diana
Cast: Guglielmo Favilla, Dario Penne
Synopsis: FRAMED is a noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.

Vending Machine | Netherlands | 2019 | 06’
Director: Luke Bouwhuis
Writer: Luke Bouwhuis
Producer –
Cast: Luke Bouwhuis, Sqeaks, Bendor
Synopsis: When an alligator named Chris, burdened by social-anxiety, finds his favorite coffee-shop’s vending machine to mysteriously be out of order, he’s met with the task of facing his fears and heading inside. There he meets the baristas Alfie and Andy, the latter being particularly friendly toward Chris.

The Follies of H. Dwiggins Ostrich | United States | 2018 | 20’
Director: Jaime L.B. Schell
Writer: Jaime L.B. Schell
Producers: Jaime L.B. Schell, Alicia Kraus
Cast: Charlene Sher, Jamie Muffett
Synopsis: H. Dwiggins Ostrich has never left the comfort of his aristocratic London world. That is, until he embarks upon a journey to learn more about his ancestors in South Africa. When the trip descends into folly and mayhem, Dwiggins just wants to fly away from it all. But, being a flightless bird, he can’t simply take flight when things get tough. What follows is a fun and heartwarming romp that teaches Dwiggins not only about where he comes from, but about where he’s going.

Let’s Talk Ergonomics | Canada | 02’
Director: Rachel Samson
Synopsis: Let’s Talk Ergonomics.

Tangle | Islamic Republic of Iran | 08’
Director: Malihe Ghloamzadeh
Synopsis: A life of a girl in war

You Died | United Kingdom | 2019 | 03’
Director: Sam Shaw
Cast – Guy Harris
Synopsis: You’ve kicked the bucket. This handy video will help you.

Waka Huia | Belgium | 2019 | 16’
Direcor: Laurent Leprince
Writer: Laurent Leprince, Philippe Carreau
Producer: Geert VAN GOETHEM, Thierry Zamparutti, Serge Kestemont
Cast: –
Synopsis: An old man of Maori origin crosses the world between dream and reality in the footsteps of his grandfather killed in Belgium during the First World War.

Director: Daniela Opp
Writer: Kai Rönnau
Producer: Daniela Opp
Cast: Béatrice Barth, Astrid Schulz, Aliyah Obid, Tobias Schaller , Marit Persiel, Kai Rönnau, Lilly Tamm
Synopsis: The 20th Century was still young when Italian mountaineers conquered Germany with a sensation: gelato! Tiny stalls developed into beautiful ice cream shops. But suddenly sunny days of childhood turned into dark years of war. The love story between Rosa and Paolo ended before the seventh summer had even started… Up until little Molly decides to take matters into her own hands almost 60 years later.

Dancing With Scissors | United States | 2019 | 07’
Director: Steven Vander Meer
Synopsis: Dancing With Scissors is 365 seconds of stream-of-consciousness animation. Twelve drawings (one second of animation) were done by hand each day from January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018. Original music was composed and recorded by three musicians in one day.

Missing | United Kingdom | 2019 | 03’
Director: Wanling Chang
Synopsis:The story is about a man who loses his dog and misses it dearly. The narrative will take you on a journey of his grievance, following the emotional turmoil of the separation. From denial to anger, depression to bargaining and finally…the acceptance.
Introduction to Epilogue | Latvia | 09’
Director: Indra Sproge
Writer: Indra Sproge
Producer: Janis Zarzeckis
Synopsis: “Introduction to Epilogue” is a colorful, allegorical film about the fear from death. Life will always last lifetime and it will always end in death. And the end will always be a new beginning.

Documentary Short – Official Selection – January 2019

A Family in the Sinkhole | China | 2018 | 30’
Director: Zubiao Yao
Writer: –
Producer: Zubiao Yao
Cast: –
Synopsis: Daguoquan which was a leprosy town, is the biggest sinkhole in Yunnan province, China. It is well-known by outside world through the media. This place is so beautiful just like the heaven. The government there is developing Daguoquan and called on the villagers to do cleaning in order to attract more travellers. Yang Xiuxiang, a local villager, answered that call and eagered to do cleaning. But He Pingxiu, Yang’s mother , became the biggest barrier .She liked to store the rubbish , and raised a pig in the hole. 2016,which was her year of fate, she refused to do cleaning and move the pigpen firmly. On account of a pig, the son and the mother spent an extraordinary year.

The Puppet Free Library | United States | 2019 | 06’
Director: Jared Leong
Writer: –
Producer: Stefan Linhares, Jared Leong
Cast: –
Synopsis: Located in the heart of Boston, in a hidden alley-way between a church and hotel, the Puppet Free Library remains one of the few homes for the dying art of puppetry. Created in 1976, the library has been an important part of Boston life, providing puppets for city-wide parades and events, local school performances, and even curious young puppeteers. Sara Peattie, a legendary puppeteer, continues to run the library, keeping puppetry and the local Boston gem alive.

Dünyam | Greece |2018 | 14’
Director: Thanos Liberopoulos
Writer: –
Producer: Thanos Liberopoulos
Cast – .
Synopsis: For Ali the world is as far as he can see. As he grows up, his will to discover other worlds grows with him. He’s leaving behind Kurdistan, and roams in European Turkey before crossing the Hellenic borders. A new world unfolds and it will be his dünya.

What Constitutes Home? | United Kingdom | 2019 | 07’
Director: Alex Williams
Synopsis: The discovery of 8mm home movies shot in the 1960s instigates a conversation between three family members about what, and where, ‘home’ is.

Director: Tomas Leach
Writer: Tomas Leach & Alba Semper
Producer: Tomas Leach
Cast: Alba Semper
Synopsis: An intense, intimate and beautiful journey into the mind of Alba, a 16-year-old ballet dancer at the acclaimed Corella Dance Academy in Barcelona. Her inner thoughts start to question the life she is leading, her lost adolescence, and her place in the world.

INTO MY LIFE United States | 2018 | 15’
Director: Ivana Hucîková, Sarah Keeling, Grace Remington
Writer: –
Producer: UnionDoc
Cast: Cassandra Bromfield, M. Elaine Bromfield
Synopsis: Growing up in the largest affordable housing cooperative in Brooklyn, Cassandra’s world was artfully framed by her mother’s Super-8 camera. Today, Cassandra examines and edits these films, gaining insight into the challenges her mother faced as a creative black woman and the importance of her vision.

LOVE THE MOST – LO QUE MÁS AMAS | Finland | 2018 | 19’
Director: Antti Seppänen
Writer: Antti Seppänen
Producer: Hill Diaz
Cast: María del Carmén, Hernández Skewes Maria
Synopsis: The Finnish filmmaker Antti Seppänen arrives in the old mining town of Real del Monte in Mexico. His two simple yet difficult questions for the people he encounters bring about varied and compelling responses concerning love, life and death.

Director: Johan Palmgren
Writers: Johan Palmgren, Julian Antell, Mattias Grosin
Producer: Johan Palmgren
Cast: Georg Tökös, John Wick
Synopsis: A traffic separating device is installed in the middle of Stockholm. It is supposed to keep normal cars away and only let buses pass. It turns into a disaster as normal cars continue to go there and hundreds of cars get destroyed every week. Tragic and funny situations occur and we follow the whole mess of human failures.

TRÄNEN DER OLIVE – TEARS OF THE OLIVE | Germany | 2018 | 15’
Director: Johannes Ziegler
Writer: Johannes Ziegler
Producer: Johannes Ziegler
Cast: Martin
Synopsis: Tears of the Olive takes the viewer on a magical journey into the ancient culture of olive oil production. What is the secret of olive oil and how is it won? What distinguishes the olive tree? And what significance does the olive have for human culture? On the Podere Usignolo, in Tuscany, sustainability and harmony with nature are practiced and a special olive oil is produced together with diligent helpers. Exactly this unique atmosphere and this beautiful piece of earth presents this film. In the soft glow of the autumnal sun, olives are picked with bare hands. At the End the question arises, what does quality mean, what is the value of the work and how does it affect our personal happiness.

TÜREN – DOORS | Germany | 2018 | 25’
Director: Claire Walka
Writer: Claire Walka
Producer: Claire Walka
Cast: Henning Geisler
Synopsis: Henning has two tough jobs: He works as a bouncer in the notorious neighborhood St. Pauli and in a psychiatric ward for teenagers addicted to drugs or computer games.

Director: Zoe Borzi
Writer: Zoe Borzi
Producer: Jonathan Steiniger
Cast – .
Synopsis: After dropping out Kat doesn’t know what to do with her life. Art is her passion but can you make a living of working as an artist? The documentary „The art to survive“ follows four characters through their lives, showing us the ups and downs of living as an artist.

Director: Luis Alejandro Yero
Writer: Luis Alejandro Yero
Producer: Ana María Pulido
Cast – Antonio (Tatá) Cordobé González , Esperanza González Pérez
Synopsis: Tatá and Esperanza witness the elections of the first Cuban president in more than half a century without the Castro surname. At almost 90 years old, they silently observe the end of one of their many lived cycles. As two lighthouses of a remote era.

MAUERRUFE – WALL CALLS | Germany | 2018 | 09’
Director: Katharina Bintz
Writer: Katharina Bintz
Producer: Katharina Bintz
Cast – .
Synopsis: A park in summer. Every day a woman comes with her children to call her husband. In the park she is well, for one or two hours. She may not be able to see her husband, but she can hear him. A wall separates the two.

Experimental Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Gloom // Bloom | France | 2019 | 10’
Director: Etienne Perrone
Writer: Etienne Perrone
Producer: Etienne Perrone
Cast: –
Synopsis: The world like I knew it was gone. Everything was dry, lean, harsh and collapsing. My brain was translating images of destruction and death. Only seeing traces of old habits remaining in ruins. Sometimes I could hear distant noises of social movements, like radiations of a parallel universe evolving around me. But I it felt like too far away to be reached. What happened to these potentials ? My mind was covered in sand and dust, slowly disappearing for ever…

DISCONNECTED | Germany | 2019 | 05
Director: Tarek Shayne Tabet
Writer: Tarek Shayne Tabet
Producer: Tarek Shayne Tabet
Cast: Lenard Lenzing, Thorsten Kania
Synopsis: Disconnected is a visual trauma. We adopt the point of view of a nameless protagonist, as he slowly descends into despair.

THE DIVINE WAY | Germany | 2018 | 15’
Director: Ilaria Di Carlo
Writer: Ilaria Di Carlo
Producer: Ilaria Di Carlo
Cast: Ilaria Di Carlo
Synopsis: “The path to paradise begins in hell” — Dante Alighieri Loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, The Divine Way takes viewers along on the protagonist’s epic descent through an endless labyrinth of staircases. As the woman journeys deeper, the staircases mutate and she is trapped and pulled into their dangerous landscape, conducting us through more than fifty magnificent locations.

NOVEMBER | Denmark | 2018 | 20’
Director: Kasper Møller Jensen
Writers: Mie Schou, Kasper Møller Jensen
Producer: Iben Søtang Jacobsen
Cast: Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, Mikkel Becker Hilgart, Mathias Bøgelund Christiansen, Anna Nøhr Tolstrup
Synopsis: A nameless Norwegian woman tries to make it as a writer in the Danish film industry. Unfortunately, she has already run out of ideas. Yet, like all cinematic meta-narrators before her, she is good for a self-conscious voice-over and a montage of frustrated writer’s block gestures. If only all those thoughts could amount to one good idea.

ACTING | Germany | 2018 | 07’
Director: Christine Jezior
Writer: Claudia Birkholz and Julina Nishimine
Producer: Christine Jezior
Cast: Claudia Janet Birkholz, Jacek Kapturek, Nico Seemann, Julina Nishimine, Emilie Nishimine
Synopsis: Perfect pictures are given to us every day: The optimal body, the optimal nutrition, the optimal life – everything within reach. All we have to do is make an effort and show some discipline – so the message. Self-tuning is necessary to belong to. And caution: don’t show any weakness.

SONATA | Germany | 2018 | 04’
Director: Christine Jezior
Writer: Christine Jezior
Producer: Christine Jezior
Cast: Claudia Janet Birkholz
Synopsis: Like shells on the beach“ John Cage has found his sounds. For his work „Sonatas and Interludes“ he fixed bolts, screws and rubber between the strings of his grand piano. This is how he created the tender, gamelan-like sounds he used to compose this piece of music. Everywhere are things waiting to be found, if you only dare to go unfamiliar paths and visit unfamiliar places. Old houses with overgrown entrances, fragile stairs, dusty attics. Whoever dares to search here will find unexpected treasures with which a futuric soundexperience can be produced on a traditional concert grand.

Music Video – Official Selection – January 2019

EL AMOR REMIX | United States | 2018 | 04’
Director: Nicole Alexander
Writers: Daniel Alejandro, Nicole Alexander
Producers: Daniel Alejandro, Thurz, Kate Myers
Synopsis: Love is a space where there is no place for anything that is not loving, it is something between you and I.

Step by step | France | 2018 | 05’
Director: Simon Lehembre
Synopsis: From time immemorial, you have been wanting to reach the moon. Step by step, you climb mountains, always higher. An eternal leap towards the moon, an eternal downfall into darkness. You fail, you fail, always to start over!

Pulses | Spain | 2018 | 04’
Director: Carlos García-Vidal
Writer: Carlos García-Vidal
Producer: Carlos García-Vidal
Cast: Silvia Magallares, Mario Rebollo, Amanda Ríos, Javier Camañez, Alicia Lescure, Chema Villalba, Marta Martínez Arranz
Synopsis: Pulses, ideas, cultures, flesh, differences, fear, power, violence. Come and tell me your truth.

Fool | United States | 2018 | 05’
Director: Al Kalyk
Writers: Al Kalyk, Edward John Drake
Producer: Maeve Geismar
Cast: Kane French, Anastasia Chernaya, Amira Gray, Thomas Hartmann, Zach Smith
Synopsis: A middle-aged man is forced to confront their gender identity.

Juseph – Great Isaac | Portugal | 2018 | 07’
Director: Mário Costa
Writer: Mário Costa
Producer: Mário Costa
Cast: Daniela Moreira, Filipa Ferreira, Pedro Bastos, Leandro Sousa, Marcos Martins, Pedro Simões, Rafael Soares
Synopsis: “It has been claimed that a full moon causes unusual sounds to be heard on the small island”.

THIRSTY EYES – 838 | Austria | 2018 | 06’
Director: Ioan Gavriel
Writer: Ioan Gavriel, Samuel Ebner
Producer: Ioan Gavriel
Cast: Samuel Ebner, Marcin Morga
Synopsis: 838 is a music-video taking place in its own dark & obscure Eastern European world, a constant escape from oneself in a schizophrenic nightmare. Triggered by a sudden encounter on a lonely road, the protagonist’s grasp of reality starts to fall apart — at fast pace.

Mini Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Beautiful Colors | 2018 | 03’
Director: J. A. Moreno
Cast: Naomi Morillo
Synopsis: Beautiful Colors is a glimpse into a forgotten way of seeing. As we make our way into adulthood, the intensity of how we experience the world as children gradually fades away. Flavours are not as sharp, smells are not as pungent, and colors are not as beautiful. This is what director J.A. Moreno visually illustrates with his latest short film. Inspired by Tennyson’s Favorite Things, Beautiful Colors tells us of how we’ve become tainted by society, losing focus of the dreams, hopes and goals we initially set out with. Helped by those who have managed to stay true to themselves, Beautiful Colors is a reminder of those special moments when we are finally able to truly see again.

Passion/Project – Balanced | Italy | 2018 | 02’
Director: Serena Merega
Synopsis: Passion Project is a serie about sports passions and how they change our lives. In this episode, Giovanni shows us how he balances his life between his work at the university and his training and teaching in the art of Kung Fu.

L’Americano | Italy | 2019 | 03’
Director: Nicola Schito
Writer: Michela Lillo
Producer: Elisa Capetti
Cast: Angelo Corbetta, Enzo Edgardo Filipetti
Synopsis: “L’Americano” tells the meeting of two stories connected with passion: the dedication of a boxer, who succeeds after sacrificing his own life to boxing, and the creativity of a barman, able to invent a cocktail with the inspiration of an artist. The film resumes the story according to which the Campari Americano is a tribute to the grandeur of Primo Carnera, reinterpreting it in a modern key, through a transposition to nowadays. It seems an evening like the others: an empty bar, the noise of the city in the background, the quiet of the closing time. But suddenly the bell rings and a living legend walks in the bar. The boxer challenges the barman asking him to be amazed with a drink. The barman accepts it and puts all of himself in the preparation of a cocktail worthy of the great boxer. A dreamlike moment in which a sound crasis makes its way: the bar and the gym merge into one place, where the concentration of the boxer is transformed into the light touch of the barman, the lemon peel sliding on the edge becomes the dry sound of the velcro of the gloves, and the power of the punches on the bag is mixed with the ice clinking inside the glass. This is the birth of “Americano”, a cocktail which has made history just like the Italian boxer who has become the Heavyweight Champion in America. The challenge is over. The boxer leaves the bar, unable to hold back the smile of someone who has found an opponent as good as him.

Harvest fest | Sweden |2018 | 01’
Director: Olof Berghe
Writer: Olof Berghe
Producer: Olof Berghe
Cast: Peter Frykstrand, Dan Lind
Synopsis: “Bertil is a man whose relationships are important to him. Some he nurtures specially.” Bertil sits in his kitchen when the phone starts ringing. The man on the phone is a neighbour who asks Bertil to come over and watch TV. But Bertil has bigger plans.

ABOUT STEVEN | Spain| 2018 | 02’
Director :
Writer: Monty Scholz
Producers: Daniela Kampka and Phil Janke
Cast: Steven Akkersdijk
Synopsis: Steven’s reason to ride.

Mobile Phone Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Rise of the Avalanche: Revenge from the Shadows | United States | 2018 |
Director: Antoine M. Dillard
Writer: Antoine M. Dillard
Producer: Antoine M. Dillard
Cast: Gavin Fullerton, Isaac Villarreal, Adam Griggs
Synopsis: Sequel to the award-winning Neo-Noir film Rise of The Avalanche (2017), Rise of the Avalanche: Revenge from the Shadows is about a gangster by the name of Alvin “Avalanche” Steele who is freed from prison and executes his plans to take back his city. Meanwhile, the Supercop that put him behind bars (Antoine “Megki” DeLord) is hell-bent on sending him back to prison where he belongs. While Avalanche is distracted trying to take back his city and doing everything he can to keep the cops off his trail an old rival who he left for dead is out to exact revenge from the shadows.

2FACES | Martinique | 2018 | 1’
Director: Amingo THORA
Writer: Amingo THORA
Producer: Amingo THORA
Cast: David-Alexandre Fatna, Malaï Lise
Synopsis: A couple preparing a love journey …

Amateur Short – Official Selection – January 2019

Cypher | United States | 2018 | 13’
Director: Corey Clark, Yasmin Akhtar
Writer: Ian Thompson, Stephen Yun, Yasmin Akhtar
Producers: Trisha Nguyen, Yasmin Akhtar, Matthew Balthrop
Cast: Jonathan Sison, Max Olarinde, Jake Curry, McKenzie Wolsey, Yasmin Akhtar
Synopsis: CYPHER, a new mobile ARG, tasks players with finding clues that lead them to specially marked bags. The winner of the game is promised a grand prize. 6 weeks into the game, things begin to go south as some players take the game too seriously.

Stockholm Noir | Sweden | 2019 | 05:09
Olof Sylvén
Olof Sylvén
Olof Sylvén
Jenny Berg, Gino Estéra
Jonas is Stockholms most gruesome assassin. When the mother to Jonas daughter Julia, suddenly dies in a car accident, his fate becomes tied to a woman: The Queen.

Series (Web/TV) – Official Selection – January 2019

In bed | Russian Federation | 2018 | 05’
Director: Shota Gamisonia
Writer: Shota Gamisonia
Producers: Elizaveta Matrosova, Iakov Dubrovskiy, Shota Gamisonia
Cast: Svetlana Kamynina, Valeriy Prusakov, Nino Ninidze , Kirill Kaganovich , Denis Shvedov, Dasha Belousova, Varya Shmykova
Synopsis: This is a story about relationships between men and women in bed, particularly about exhausting sex life of Anya and Andrey, about joyful and emotional love of Larissa and Denis , about Katya’s loneliness and promiscuous sex life of Jenya.

Two Housemates | United Kingdom | 2018 | 18’
Director: Sean Joseph Young, Ryan Watson
Writer: Sean Joseph Young
Producer: Sean Joseph Young
Cast: Sean Joseph Young, Sean Joseph Young, Holly Earl, Mark Gatiss
Synopsis: A boy and a girl in their mid-twenties attempt to live life without causing too much chaos for themselves.

Fashion Short – Official Selection – January 2019

CNMI – WOOLMARK | Italy | 2018 | 00:02’
Director: Matteo Grimaldi
Writer: –
Producers: Antonio Guarrella, Alessandro Maffi
Cast: –
Synopsis: Created as a collaboration between Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Woolmark, CNMI-Woolmark celebrates creativity with a conscious mind. The film was shot for Milano Moda Graduate, an event for Italian fashion schools designed to confer visibility to the work and talent of future generations. During the event, designers discovered the benefits of Merino wool, a natural and sustainable fibre. With the support of The Woolmark Company and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana each designer developed a woollen outfit, featured in the film, demonstrating the countless properties of this fibre Shot by the Milan-based creativity factory The Blink Fish, CNMI-Woolmark was inspired by the Greek myth of Ariadne, with the woollen thread becoming the guiding element for students on their journey. Featuring designs by Francesco Salvi, Alejandra Rendon Felix, Clone, Simona Pedone, Rodriguez Munoz, Martina Trezzi and Cecilia Juarez Balta.

COPYCAT | Bulgaria | 2019 | 05’
Director: Yo Vo
Synopsis: A visual metaphor which deals with the recurrent theme of “blind” adoration within our culture. A seemingly hypnotized girl enters the uncharted territory of following a mysterious character through her otherworldly behaviour. Attracted to her new surreal aura she turns into a blind imitator, but soon comes face to face with the realisation that her copycat act will cost her more than her autonomy.

Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara | Poland | 2018 | 02’
Director: Michal Socha, Kuba Socha
Writer: Michal Socha, Kuba Socha
Producers: Ron Diamond ACME Filmworks, BrosFX
Cast: –
Synopsis: Film is a part of Moncler genius immersive event that took place in September in Milan. Ispired by collection Hiroshi Fujiwara, our idea was to destroy old to create new. Surrealistic mix of animated scenes in another dimension, different world including defragmented element such as fire, water, wind . Revolution brings defragmented chaos that evolve to an new world and order.

Commercial/Ad/TVC – Official Selection – January 2019

Passion for hair and color | Switzerland | 2018 2’
Director:Piero Calicchio
Synopsis: Commercial film for schwarzkopf & linea Daniele

Autotorino. A history of passion. | Italy | 2018 | 1’
Director:Carlo De Agostini
Synopsis: A history of passion. It’s the 1960s, little Frank looks astonished at his father’s car every time he leaves the garage. He dreams of having one when he grows up. As the years go by, Frank grows and lives his experiences, car for him means freedom, passion, and work. Just while on duty during the deliveries as a messenger, he meets Stella at her flower shop. Between them blossoms a tender love, soon they get married and have a son named Leo. Years later on an ordinary morning, something magic happens. Leaving the garage, Frank sees little Leo through the windshield, looking enthralled an off-road car parked in the backyard, at the same house where Frank was born and raised. Frank has a dejavu, he sees in his son the same passion that he fed as a child. Happy thoughts run in his mind. Years pass, times change, but the passions always remain the same.

Be Ready | Italy | 2018 | 2’
Director: Giacomo Boeri e Matteo Grimaldi
Synopsis: The Milan-based production company The Blink Fish returns with the latest fashion film produced for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion). Shot to celebrate Milan Fashion Week SS/19 (18-24 September, 2018), Be Ready sees Ukrainian model Nastya Timos determined to be in top shape for the upcoming Milanese fashion season. Frantically trying on outfits, rehearsing for selfies and relentlessly working out, the result is a humorous and light-hearted interpretation of the excitement taking place during fashion week and the preparation involved. As is customary for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Be Ready supports the local design scene by featuring a wide range of brands based in Italy, from emerging to more established, namely Arthur Arbesser, Gabriele Colangelo, GCDS, Giannico, Lucio Vanotti, Marco de Vincenzo, Paula Cademartori, Sara Battaglia, Stella Jean and Vivetta. The Blink Fish and the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana have been collaborating since 2016, developing an increasingly strong online presence with fresh and relevant video content with each fashion season. Some of their most recent works, such as Start the Buzz and Waiting Room, have been internationally recognised and selected by several film festivals, including Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival and the Muse Creative Awards.