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Interview with director Eline Vanderbemden

  • Was there a particular event or time that you recognized that filmmaking is your way of telling stories?

I’ve loved watching movies since I was little, and I’ve always loved drawing. So it grew naturally I think.

  • Do you think it is essential to go to a film institute in order to become a successful filmmaker?

It might not be essential but it did help me a lot especially meeting other students/teachers who are passionate about animation.

  • Is it harder to get started or to keep going? What was the particular thing that you had to conquer to do either?

I think I have a harder time to keep going, I have a lot of different ideas. And I feel like working on all of them.

  • What was the most important lesson you had to learn that has had a positive effect on your film? How did that lesson happen?

It’s ok to take some time to think when you get stuck.

  • What was the hardest artistic choice you made in the making of a film, at any stage in production?

I had to cut out a lot of shots because there wouldn’t be enough time to make all of them.

  • What do audiences want? And is it the filmmaker’s role to worry about that?

I think it’s really difficult to find out wat audiences want. So I always try to make something that means a lot to me, so I try not to worry to much about it.

  • What role have film festivals played in your life so far? Why are they necessary? How do you get the most out of them?

I’ve had a lot of fun having my film be played at different film festivals because a lot of people get to see my film and that makes me happy.

  • Do you believe that a filmmaker should be original and fresh or he/she should stick to classic but safe cinema style?

I believe that filmmakers should make what they love to make.