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Indie Mix – Week 01

🎬 Join Us for a Captivating Screening!
🌟 Film Spotlight: “Indie Mix – Week 01

📅 Screening Details:

🎬 Date: 22-29 February 2024
🕒 Time: All week
🏢 Venue:
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Title of the film: Cow-Girl

Genre: Animation/Comedy

Duration: 03:44

Country: USA

Director: Flor Marmolejo

Synopsis: A young girl tasked with milking the family cow finds it harder than expected to complete the task.

Title of the film: WOKE

Genre: Surreal Comedy

Duration: 11:56 min

Country: USA

Director: Laura Calle

Synopsis: A deadbeat slacker tries to get back everything he lost after waking up from a coma.

Title of the film: Cash Advance

Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Dark Comedy, Social Commentary

Duration: 1 minute 40 seconds

Country: USA

Director: Simone Kisiel

Synopsis: Need a cash advance?! Well Stephanie does because she is being held hostage. Bummer. She phones a friend, Kayla, and asks her to take out a cash advance on her credit card. Will Kayla be able to get the borrowed ransom cash before it’s too late?! The answer might surprise you.

Title: ERA

Gerne: Experimental

Duration: 11:17

Country: USA

Director: Gabe Imlay

Synopsis: This film is a time capsule of a particular moment in 2020 many of us called “the bubble,” a summer spent in isolation and unknowing…

Over the summer of 2020 Gabe Imlay asked 10 friends in Los Angeles to interview themselves for three months. Imlay emailed a series of questions every day and asked the subjects to record their answers.

Title of the film: Ah-Ma: A Tale of Two Generations

Genre: Drama

Duration: 15m44s

Country: Australia/ Taiwan

Director: Ying Chu

Synopsis: Ah-Ma: A Tale of Two Generations” is a heartfelt story of two generations. Born in Taiwan, Na-

Na’s early years were colored by the enchanting presence of her grandmother, Ah-Ma. However, at the tender age of four, she returned to Australia, leaving behind the profound influence of Ah-

Ma, a celebrated Taiwanese Opera actress renowned for her powerful performances in Gezaixi. Ah-Ma’s legacy imprinted deeply upon Na-Na, igniting in her a fervent desire to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and become an opera actress herself. As the film unfolds, the haunting melodies of Gezaixi’s songs resound, serving as a poignant backdrop to the emotions of longing and connection that thread through the narrative.

Title of the film: Good Filipino Kids

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Duration: 17 minutes

Country: USA

Director: Andrew Acedo

Synopsis: Two Filipino lovers with different upbringings struggle to fulfill cultural and familial expectations, forcing them to face a crossroads in their relationship and individual identities.

Title of the film: SWEEPSTAKES


Duration: 12 MINUTES

Country: USA


Synopsis:  Joanne, an 88-year-old widow, is accused by her children of squandering her money on scams, decimating their expected inheritance. Is the accusation true? Or is something else going on?

Title of the film: CRAYFISH

Genre: Short Documentary

Duration: 12 minutes 12 seconds

Country: Australia

Director: Leigh Mackenzie

Synopsis: A day in the life of CRAYFISH, a local legend from Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia.

Title of the film:  Love Letter

Genre:  Drama

Duration:  10 minutes

Country:  China

Director:  Yuna Lu

Synopsis:  A letter gathered three people living in the shadow of Yeon Su Lee’s death together, all the suffering caused by that death was finally dissipated with the releasing of her final song.