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Inconvenient Comfort

Director: Adam Fillenz

Country: Not Specified

Duration: 18:38

Synopsis: Annabelle (60) is bound to her mobility scooter, not aware that the reason for that situation is her her empty, yet comforting life. Living in a quiet Dutch suburb, neglected by her husband and son, housekeeper Imamu is her only regular visitor. But she’s not making any contact. A series of events will make Annabelle realize she has to take action in order to prevent her life from falling apart.
Inconvenient comfort gives a critical view on modern days’ Western societies from an Eastern European view. The heroic story of Annabelle is based on debuting director Ádám Fillenz’s own experience of living in the Netherlands for several years. Fillenz is a renowned Hungarian cinematographer (a.o. Adrienn Pal). who’s films were screened and awarded at the Cannes- and the Locarno International Film Festival