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Glass House

Glass House

Directors: Erik Ivar Sæther, Nicolai Berg Hansson

Country: Norway

Duration: 11:34

Synopsis: The past few months family man Jens have realized that he isn’t happy. Luckily he has chosen the suitable time and place for spilling his guts, in this black comedy with a taste of salty duck breast.

Director Biography – Erik Ivar Sæther, Nicolai Berg Hansson

Erik Ivar Saether & Nicolai Berg Hansson have written and directed a string of short films together. The films have been shown at festivals home and abroad. Saether holds a bachelor degree in film production from NTNU. He has a special interest in the Czechoslovak New Wave, and wrote his thesis on the subject. Hansson writes film reviews for a monthly publication, and holds a bachelor degree in literature from the University of Oslo.

Director Statement

We wanted to make this film mainly because we are attracted by the absurdity in life, and we wanted to create a dialogue-driven drama in a confined space. Although the film is meant to be humorous, we still wanted it to be a family drama with interesting characters and a theme. It deals with the family as a fragile concept, and sees the process of divorce as a negotiation. Humor and bleakness are juxtaposed in this black comedy.