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Find your greatness

Title of the film: Find Your Greatness

Genre: Female Empowerment 

Duration: 60 seconds 

Country: Australia 

Director: Hanna Griffiths 

Synopsis:  Find Your Greatness – is told from the female perspective. In a series of sport-specific shorter films, designed to ignite conversation around how athletes everywhere find their own greatness. As girls are not commonly encouraged to pursue a serious professional career in sports if anything they could have a hobby and watch the boys play. Narrated by Hanna Griffiths, the commercial features two females whose commonality is finding your greatness not just in competition and winning but in how you play — using character as fuel to measure greatness. The two young females are not professional athletes, there are no “boys” watching them, they are two young women playing for fun, playing for themselves. The main idea behind Find Your Greatness, ”is simply to inspire and to give to all the common athletes, wherever they are, the energy needed to celebrate their achievements”