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Fallin: Trailer

Fallin | Japan | 2018 | 30’           

Director: Tomohiko Tsuji              

Writer: Tomohiko Tsuji  

Producer: Tomohiko Tsuji             

Cast: Marino Okazaki, Yuichi Nishida        

Synopsis: There are two artists of Outsider Art. They have a mental disability. Their drawings which they drew with an urge are, in a measure, transcendental. In order to experience something which is hidden in the deep mind of human beings, high-resolution 4K camera and high-definition lens will fall into their drawings.

Director Statement
When I met a picture of Art Brut(Outsider Art), I was violently shaken primitive feelings in my heart. I decided to use a movie camera which is an extension of my own hands and eyes in order to explore this feeling which can not be expressed in words. Like Dziga Vertov as a respected predecessor!