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Duminica 12 August 2018 – UZINA FOTO, Tirgu Mures [STTP Annual Edition]

Data: Duminica 12 August 2018   

Locatia: UZINA FOTO, Tirgu Mures

Ora: 20:00

Program filme:


Black Ring

Director: Hasan Can Dagli

Country: Turkey

Duration: 14:58



Director: Gwen Francois

Country: Luxembourg

Duration: 06:48


All My Demons – We The Lion

Director: Jhonatan López

Country: Peru

Duration: 03:42



Director: Bastien Bron

Country: Switzerland

Duration: 02:40


Pipe Dream

Director: Normann Bjorvand

Country: Sweden

Duration: 04:42


Tokri (The Basket)

Director: Suresh Eriyat

Country: India

Duration: 14:46


Real Love by Inga-Dingo

Director: Eyal Be

Country: Israel

Duration: 04:26



Director: Peter Miller

Country: Australia

Duration: 05:25


Moving Dallas

Director: Jevan Chowdhury

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 07:50



Director: Philipp Bürge

Country: Switzerland

Duration: 14:04


Fjord – Stars in an Ocean of Darkness

Director: Corina Andrian

Country: Romania

Duration: 09:32