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Congratulations to our September 2021 Award Winners



TONE | United States | 2021 | 34’           

Director: Dan Winters   

Writer: Dan Winters       

Producer: David Rafailovich        

Cast: Walton Goggins, Antonio Bond, Meredith Placko, Oren Porterfield

Synopsis: Two broken souls living in a crumbling future society struggle to move on from their scarred pasts.


The Bright Fire |  China | 2021 | 16’       

Director: Zoe Zou            

Writer: Zoe Zou

Producer: Jing Wang      

Cast: Yunjia Xing, Yuanqi Han     

Synopsis: Two young cousins find a wonderland outside of their unstable families, without knowing the friendship they have will eventually comes to an end.


Burn on Arrival |  United Kingdom |  19’              

Director: Owen Gower 

Writer: Owen Gower     

Producers: Sinead Kirwan, Mark Lacey   

Cast: James Harkness, Kate Dickie, John Stahl      

Synopsis: Christmas, 1995. As Scotland reels from a devastating loss of industry, a man is trapped in an escalating nightmare.  Forced to follow a series of bizarre and deadly instructions contained in red envelopes, he is soon stranded in the snowy wastes of the Scottish Highlands – his fate bound to a stranger he finds caught in the same brutal game.


A world free of crisis | France | 2020 | 27’          

Actress: Tiphaine Haas

Director: Ted Hardy-Carnac        

Writer: Ted Hardy-Carnac            

Producer: La Belle Affaire (Jérôme Blesson)                        

Synopsis: Emilie is struggling in life. After numerous unsuccessful interviews, the lively but clumsy 30 year-old finds herself under a great deal of social pressure and fears to lose her home. Naturally she has high hopes when she is called in for a new interview, but in this future society that plays by slightly different rules, nothing goes as planned…


The Manila Lover | Norway | 2019 | 27’              

Actor: Øyvind Brandtzæg

Director: Johanna Pyykkö            

Writer: Johanna Pyykkö

Producer: Nina M. Barbosa Blad, Lotte Sandbu  

Cast: Øyvind Brandtzæg, Angeli Bayani  

Synopsis: During a trip to the Philippines, middle-aged, Norwegian Lars meets Abigail – the Filipina he wants to share his life with, but does she share his plans?


TONE | United States | 2021 | 34’           

Cinematographer: Jonny Clarke

Director: Dan Winters   

Writer: Dan Winters       

Producer: David Rafailovich        

Cast: Walton Goggins, Antonio Bond, Meredith Placko, Oren Porterfield

Synopsis: Two broken souls living in a crumbling future society struggle to move on from their scarred pasts.


TONE | United States | 2021 | 34’           

Production Designer: Dan Winters           

Director: Dan Winters   

Writer: Dan Winters       

Producer: David Rafailovich        

Cast: Walton Goggins, Antonio Bond, Meredith Placko, Oren Porterfield

Synopsis: Two broken souls living in a crumbling future society struggle to move on from their scarred pasts.


CARY – Still dreaming | Germany | 2021 | 02’    

Editor: Constantin Gross, Lukas Steinbrecher

Direcctor: Constantin Gross, Lukas Steinbrecher                                               

Synopsis: What drives you? CARY tackles his fears… and dreams big. In the end, we all need a beat that drives us, that matches with the rhythm of our lives.


On my way | France | 2020 | 15’             

Director: Bertrand Basset            

Writer: Bertrand Basset

Producer: Amélie Quéret (Respiro Productions)

Cast: Christian Bouillette, Capucine Lespinas       

Synopsis: Granny died today. After years of marriage, Hubert is alone for the first time, tired and diminished. This toilet roll is always too far. Léonie his grand daughter comes in order to help him. Oppressed by the adults fussing around the best idea is maybe this old good whiskey bottle.


Brussels-Beirut | Belgium | 2020 | 27’ 

Director: Thibaut Wohlfahrt, Samir Youssef         

Writer: Thibaut Wohlfahrt, Samir Youssef            

Producers: Frakas Productions, Offshore                              

Synopsis: After living in Europe for several years, Ziad returns to visit his family in his North Lebanon hometown at the Syrian border. When he arrives, the tension is palpable. Ziad tries to reconnect with his family despite a threat eating away at the inhabitants.


Vane | Russian Federation | 2021 | 19’

Director: Anton Filipenko             

Writer: Anton Filipenko

Producer: Pavel Fuks     

Cast: Ekaterina Shumakova, Aino Sirje, Saana Koivisto, Jaakko Kiljunen, Ilya Savin, Anton Filipenko, Arseniy Kolos

Synopsis: Three unknown couples meet in a country house in Finland. For what ?


TONE | United States | 2021 | 34’           

Director: Dan Winters   

Writer: Dan Winters       

Producer: David Rafailovich        

Cast: Walton Goggins, Antonio Bond, Meredith Placko, Oren Porterfield

Synopsis: Two broken souls living in a crumbling future society struggle to move on from their scarred pasts.


Escalation | Italy | 2021 | 15’    

Director: Christian Bachini           

Writer: Christian Bachini               

Producer: Christian Bachini         

Cast: Christian Bachini, Lucy Chun Yan, Giulia Serafini, Charles P. Cooper, Derek Blakely  

Synopsis: In the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Chris, a paranoid and self-centered man, is happily avoiding all human contact, preferring to escape from reality in whatever’s on TV. When a friend reaches out to him to confront him about his past promises, Chris has to decide what kind of person he is inside, or it may just eat him…alive. 


Causa Sui | France | 2021 | 22’ 

Director: Quentin Richard            

Writer: Quentin Richard

Producer: Bertrand Jeandel        

Cast: Olivia Vanpoperynghe, Denis Hubleur         

Synopsis: At the heart of the Vosges massif, a young girl and her father live in a farm far from everything. One day, all the sheeps form their herd are mysteriously killed. Struggling to cop with the tragedy, the father falls into paranoïa.


Coffee & Sugar | United States | 2021 | 08’        

Director: Andy Volk                        

Producers: Andy Volk, Aaron Bear            

Cast: Carol Volk

Synopsis: In conversation with her grandson, 93-year-old Carol goes on a vibrantly animated journey as she reflects on her unbelievable marriage of 62 years. Combining a fantastic mixture of hand-drawn and stop-motion techniques, “Coffee & Sugar” explores the memories of love that transcend time and all conventions.


Fools Gold | Poland | 2021 | 16’              

Director: Shailesh singh

Writer: Shailesh singh   

Producer: National film school in lodz    

Cast: Michal surosz, damian kret, izabella dudziak            

Synopsis: In the year is 2020, a blue crystal falls to the earth and kills a homeless man. The crystal is discovered by two friends Milosz and tomek, small time thieves. They take the rock thinking this mysterious rock could bring an end to their poor life. However, they find themselves in a web of police investigation and accusations, only to realise that the situation is not as simple as it seem


One Elevator Apart | Bulgaria | 2021 | 28’          

Director: Chris Zahariev

Writers: Pavla Kotova, Chris Zahariev     

Producers: Stanislav Semerdjiev, Chris Zahariev, Dessy Tenekedjieva       

Cast: Yoan Popov, Aleksandar Grigorov, Yordanka Kuzmanova, Pavel Poppandov, Georgi Karkelanov, Lili Geleva  

Synopsis: Yuli and Pavel are failing police students in the big city. Liliya, their rich and imperious landlord is the first person, who take them seriously by forcing them to start a secret investigation. Her winning lottery ticket is missing and the suspects are all of the neighbors. When the boys start investigating they find that a bigger theft is in the making. Suddenly they receive another offer.


ZAWAL | Germany | 2020 | 09’

Director: Mujtaba Saeed              

Writer: Mujtaba Saeed 

Producers: Gilda Weller, Nora Helou       

Cast: Paolo Al Shahhaf, Diana Kadah, Katharina Walther

Synopsis: Eight year-old Adam confronts a mutated world, when he breaks out of the designated quarantine area for refugees.


Live | United Kingdom | 2021 | 05’        

Director: Meg Dupont                                                   

Synopsis: A biographical 2D animation following the realisation of a missed opportunity to make a connection with a relative after attending their funeral digitally during the pandemic.


Positive Rides | The race within | Germany | 2021 | 11’

Directors: Constantin Gross, Lukas Steinbrecher                                                

Synopsis: 10 years after winning races, former professional road-biker Dominik Roels realises that the biggest challenge is to confront the pressure created by his own aspirations. On a road bike adventure with his sister, he evaluates what really matters when he steps on a bike. Because the biggest challenge is always inside your head.


Rasa | Italy | 2021 | 18’               

Director: Alexander Faganel       

Writer: Alexander Faganel          

Producer: Alexander Faganel     

Cast: Alexander Faganel

Synopsis: The capacity of suggestion of works of art plays a crucial role in Sanskrit poetics, where we talk about rasa, the emotional component of the experience of a work of art.  The protagonist is trapped between the real world and an imaginary universe, where he would like to set his film and redeem himself from the past.


David Lindmer // Omen | United Kingdom | 2021 | 05’

Director: DRUST                               

Producer: Barney Gee   

Cast: Alex Draper            

Synopsis: The starting point for the Omen video was to explore the theme of ‘doomed relationships’ and witness the nuanced moments where things take a wrong turn.  So we meet Rueben, a troubled kid and ex-psychiatric patient who falls for his doctor. She should know better than to act on her feelings, but doesn’t and leads him on an adventure into the unknown. Sex, drugs, first love and finally heartache, when he realises that she’s having a relationship with a colleague. And that’s where we pick up the story, as Ruben sets off to find them in a club and confront them both with the truth. This journey from the club doors to the stand off on the dance floor, is the framework which all his memories hang off. From their first glances across the canteen until the end, standing alone in the rain.  Extra Notes: Bringing emotion to the forefront of the viewers’ experience was key to the storytelling and a big part of the reason why the track was so great to work on. David was a fantastic artist to engage with because of his openness to the collaborative effort of the whole piece. Early on we decided that the images shouldn’t feel like they’d just been tacked onto the track, but that there should be a reciprocal process, where the pictures enhance the music and vice versa. The feeling of both being fully bedded together was of primary importance to us.


PAGE TURNER | Germany | 2021 | 03’  

Director: Christian Grüner                           

Producer: Christian Grüner         

Cast: : Angelo Volpini, Christian Kirschstein          

Angelo Volpini turns music score pages for pianists. His job is not to attract attention. When the applause sounds after the concert, he disappears behind the stage without anyone noticing. His name does not appear in any program booklet.


Ignore. Don’t | Russian Federation | 2021 | 03’

Director: Alyona Styrikovich                                                        

Synopsis: Social manifest on the topic of ignorance.


A Quark’s Looking Glass | United Kingdom | 2021  | 15’               

Diector: Adam Loxley    

Writer: Adam Loxley      

Producer: Chris Reading

Cast: Laurie Ogden, Adam Loxley             

Synopsis: A complicated teenager stumbles into a forgotten hollow and encounters a strange hermit with truth growing on his shoulders who offers enigmatic insight and an otherworldly therapy session.


LEIA | France | 2021 | 06’           

Director: Cassam Chenaï Khourban         

Writers: Cassam Chenaï Khourban, Stanislas Grassian     

Producers: Stanislas Grassian, Cassam Chenaï Khourban

Cast: Stanislas Grassian, Mahamadou Diop, Claire Courture, Marie Coulonjou, Rolland Bruit          

Serie of 14 episodes (about 6 minutes each).  Following the lockdown, Fred, a 40-year-old computer engineer, burned out. It’s LEIA program, an artificial intelligence life coach, that helps people get out of depression. While taking care of himself, he will try to sell his invention online.


Knit-A-Morphosis | Italy | 05’   

Director: Arianna Genghini                                         

Cast: Cielo Fiordi              

Synopsis: “Knit-a-morphosis” is an experimental corto and fashion film presenting a fashion performance in which the model wears 5 knitwear outfits and transforms them from the structure thanks to strings to pull. The transformation creates completely different shapes on the garments within a real metamorphosis.  Indeed, Metamorphosis is the concept at the core of both the knitwear collection designed by Rosalba Fucci, and this video I directed. Both the collection and the film drew inspiration from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, the preface of which is narrated in the VoiceOver throughout the film. The former narrates the irreversibile metamorphosis and the self emancipation process of the girl wearing clothes, which creates new spaces, through re-shaping, in response to the body asking for more consciousness in the relationship with them selves.   The latter connects the garments’ metamorphosis of the performance to the moth metamorphosis from the cocoon to the animal and shows the conceptual and aesthetic similitudes that can be found between the clothing and the natural element. The biological  change of the body is showed through the garments’ change and it’s linked to the natural change of a moth’s body.   This film was commissioned by Rosalba Fucci for Royal College of Art graduation collection, and it was sponsored by Royal College itself alongside Loro Piana, and other names of the textile and knitwear industry.