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Congratulations to our July 2020 Award Winners



Focal Point | United States | 2020 | 15’

Directors: Matthew Devlin, Kyle Reardon             

Writer: Matthew Devlin

Producers: Matthew Devlin, Mehdi Darlis             

Cast: Henri Mossiat , Tatum Nickerson, Jennifer Shea, Craig Capone         

Synopsis: When Lucas finds himself battling a potential lifetime of epilepsy. He strives to live the life of a normal kid, despite the unique obstacle he now faces.


Bare trees in the mist | Nepal | 2019 | 15’          

Director: Rajan Kathet  

Writer: Rajan Kathet      

Producer: Prajjwal S.J.B. Rana    

Cast: Laxmi Bardewa, Sarita Giri, Jeevan Baral, Nisum Limbu, Kashib Karki              

Synopsis: Kaali and her young son hear that a villager who returned home from abroad has brought them gifts. At first Kaali rejects this possibility outright. But a combination of poverty, desperation and hope eventually makes her walk miles to greet him. At the onset of winter with no contact from her husband – himself somewhere in Arabia – Kaali finds herself on the brink.


Rum Go! | United States | 2020 | 22’    

Writer: Markus Thorington         

Director: Markus Thorington      

Producer: Working Brilliantly      

Cast: Joseph Lloyd Lopez, Glen McDougal, Pamela Munro, Liam Gallogly, Oksana Hollinger             

Synopsis: The never-ending film…  A man gets caught in a living nightmare after he becomes enamored with his best friend’s “far-fetched” fantasies.  


Consolation | Russian Federation | 2020 | 21’  

Actress: Anna Zaykova

Director: Lina Asadullina              

Writer: Lina Asadullina  

Producer: Lina Asadullina                            

Synopsis: A female translator of the Greek language from time to time has sex at nights in cars with some occasional taxi drivers. She doesn’t meet them anymore. But one enchanted taxi driver migrant (a person born in former Soviet Republic – Georgia) is trying to find her and he is detained by the police instead. Only this beautiful stranger can help him…But she has to overcome her fears and hang-ups in order to help him.


Champion | Mexico | 2020 | 18’              

Actor: Miguel Sierra Martínez

Director: Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz               

Writers: Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz, Miguel Valdez-Lopez    

Producer: Ana Medellin

Cast: Miguel Sierra Martínez, Fernanda  Arredondo, José Roberto Cáceres, Alejandra Pier Galindo, Federico Gramlinch Pérez, Eugenio Elizondo Chapa, Sergio Quiñones

Synopsis: As a young runner prepares for the big race, the strain from his parents’ push for excellence puts his love of the sport to test.


Soy No Soy | Denmark | 2019 | 19’        

Cinematographer: Morten Jensen

Director: Frederik Paludan          

Writer: Frederik Paludan              

Producer: Penelope Bjerregaard

Cast: Jacob August Ottensten, Karla Løkke, Laura Skjoldborg, Karla Rosendahl Rasmussen, Marie Reuther, Anne Hauger, Sofia Zoe Anissi, Albert Rosin Harson, Allan Christoffersen           

Synopsis: On the first day at his new school, Mathias is given the worst possible homework: write an essay about yourself – in Spanish. The timid Mathias struggles to find the words. A minor identity crisis – en español – was not his idea of a good start. However, the essay is quickly put on hold, as he discovers that the deaf girl from school is spying on him. Mathias tries to suss out her motives, but learns that the espionage is about more than mere curiosity.


Rum Go! | United States | 2020 | 22’    

Set designer: Tara Stephenson-Fong

Director: Markus Thorington      

Writer: Markus Thorington         

Producer: Working Brilliantly      

Cast: Joseph Lloyd Lopez, Glen McDougal, Pamela Munro, Liam Gallogly, Oksana Hollinger             

Synopsis: The never-ending film…  A man gets caught in a living nightmare after he becomes enamored with his best friend’s “far-fetched” fantasies.  


Focal Point | United States | 2020 | 15’

Directors: Matthew Devlin, Kyle Reardon             

Writer: Matthew Devlin

Producers: Matthew Devlin, Mehdi Darlis             

Cast: Henri Mossiat , Tatum Nickerson, Jennifer Shea, Craig Capone         

Synopsis: When Lucas finds himself battling a potential lifetime of epilepsy. He strives to live the life of a normal kid, despite the unique obstacle he now faces.


Clean Exit | Israel | 2020 | 19’  

Director: Eyal Levine      

Writer: Eyal Levine         

Producers: Eyal Levine, Almog Hodedad

Cast: Eyal Levine, Rachel Karen Davis, Efrat Yosha, Yuri Levin, Almog Hodadad, Noe Elkayam         

Synopsis: In a world where a huge company has monopoly on suicide, We follow Adam, On his last day on earth.


Acting Stupid |  Israel | 10’         

Director: Lyr Ben Ari       

Writer: Lyr Ben Ari          

Producer: Yarden Avriel

Cast: Udi Persi, Lyr Ben Ari, Kai Peker, Moti Tigar               

Synopsis: Matan (35) is a committed actor preparing for his role as an undercover police officer in a new TV series. As part of his character work, he grows a mustache and tries cocaine for the first time in his life. He tests out his improvisation skills with an unpredictable young drug dealer. But he soon learns that unlike the movies; in real life there’s no one to shout “CUT” when things are getting out of control.


Cold Mind | United States | 2020 | 16’ 

Directors: Harrison Dove-Green, Austin Smith    

Writers: Austin Smith, Harrison Dove-Green       

Producers: Rachel Lebak, Vince Williams

Cast: Ryan Kaiser, Mia Ritter       

Synopsis: After surviving a massive cave-in, a coal miner must face his inner demons in order to free himself, all with a canary at his side.


Midnight Movie : Magnum Opus | Tunisia | 13’

Director: Myriam Khammassi     

Writer: Myriam Khammassi          

Producer: Higher School of Audiovisual and Cinema         

Cast: Aymen Ben Hamida             

Synopsis: In his quest for the perfect sculpture, aiming to reproduce the human body and especially the flesh, Slim, a sculptor, will go as far as kill to create the perfect exposure, the perfect mix between pulp and clay.


Where Do They Come From? | Austria | 2020 | 20’         

Director: Manuel Hüttner            

Writer: Manuel Hüttner

Producer: Harry Kemp  

Cast: Lukas David Schmidt, Ariana Victoria Martín-Lobera, Gerulf Dösinger, Benjamin Bliemegger

Synopsis: Lukas’s simple, mundane life is turned upside down after meeting the girl of his dreams.


Down Deloro River | Canada | 2020 | 13’            

Director: Josh Wood      

Writers: Josh Wood, Alec Macri 

Producer: Paige Currie                  

Synopsis: On the run after looting a prospector, William makes his way down a river to Deloro Ontario where a man will trade gold for cash.  After taking cover in this mysterious man’s cabin, William soon realizes he isn’t so much interested in his gold, but something much more valuable.


I was still there when you left me | Belgium | 2019 | 23’             

Director: Marie Mc Court

Writers: Marie Mc Court, Abdoulkarim Hamadi  

Producer: Mediadiffusion           

Cast: Anaé Romyns, Joël Bunganga          

Synopsis: Lila, 7 years old, is saved by Karim, her young neighbor, from a fire she thinks she started. They take shelter in an apartment from where they see their tower burning. But when Karim realizes his friend is still in the building, he wants to go back. Out of his sight, Lila locks the door and hides the key of the apartment.


Twin Trees | France | 2020 | 05’              

Director: Emmanuel Ollivier                                                        

Synopsis: A brother and sister walk along, each carrying a tree in a small pot. When they come accross a parrot and a fallen statue, they each have to choose their own journey.


In My Particular Case |  Uruguay | 2020 | 05’     

Director: CHICO JOFILSAN           

Writers: Chico Jofisan, Duda Fonseca                                     

Synopsis: In a world in which focus no longer stands out dispersion occupies the foreground. This is the theme of this film that shows different resources of animation in adapting to the rhythm of our minds. After all, what other art, if not animation, can shape so many imaginary worlds?


The Wave | Jamaica | 2020 | 20’             

Director: Julian Sonntag

Writer: Julian Sonntag  

Producer: Julian Sonntag                             

Synopsis: The film follows the local skateboarding and surfing scene in Jamaica on their journey to the first street skatepark on the island. They get support by the Concrete Jungle Foundation and a team of international volunteers.


AFFIXED | Australia | 2020 | 09’              

Director: HIMANSHI HANDA       

Writer: HIMANSHI HANDA                          


Synopsis: Affixed is a short experimental film which explores how obsession traverses in the mind, submerging one in a repetitive rhythm . Xara is a personification of obsession who finds her muse in Ben and makes him obsessed with a particular tune of music. The film is divided into three chapters with each chapter exploring what obsession does in a person’s mind in stages. The elements which Xara interacts with is a metaphorical representation of various human emotions.


Earth Odyssey – Asaf Avidan | Germany | 2020 | 05’      

Director: Adi Halfin                         

Producers: Bobbi Jene Smith, Or Schraiber           

Cast: Morgan Bobrow-Williams, Vinson Fraley, Mariko Kakizaki , Doug Letheren, Yiannis Logothetis, Rachael Osborne, Ian Robinson, Or Schraiber, Bobbi Jene Smith,  Imre Van Opstal, Tom Weinberger, Leal Zielinska 

Synopsis: Earth Odyssey was made by dancers from different continents filming themselves in their confinement with their personal phones and computers.  It was made in the first week of April 2020 while almost 2 billion people around the globe were unable to move freely due to the restrictions imposed in an attempt to prevent the spread of the CoronaVirus.


Behind the Curtain | Italy | 2020 |02’   

Director: Giacomo Boeri, Matteo Grimaldi                            

Producer: Antonio Guarrella                       

Synopsis: The Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion) presents Behind the Curtain, the latest fashion film directed and produced by the Milan-based Creativity Factory The Blink Fish.  Shot to celebrate Milan Fashion Week AW20/21, Behind the Curtain reveals the secrets of a truly unusual backstage in one long take. A flawless choreography by Laccio takes us through the preparations for a catwalk on the (strictly green) runway of Milano Fashion Week.  The different looks of the models were carefully selected by stylist Giulia Sanna with a focus on supporting the local design scene by featuring a wide range of brands based in Italy, from emerging to more established, namely Annakiki, The Attico, L’Autre Chose, GCDS, MSGM, Paula CademarAct N°1, Annakiki, Arthur Arbesser, Blazé Milano, Calcaterra, DROMe, Fantabody, Giannico, GCDS, Gilberto Calzolari, Marco de Vincenzo, Marco Rambaldi, Nico Giani, Sara Battaglia, Stella Jean, Tiziano Guardini, Vìen and Vivetta.  The Blink Fish and the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana have been collaborating since 2016, developing an increasingly strong online presence with fresh and relevant video content with each fashion season. Some of their most recent works, such as Start the Buzz, Be Ready and Waiting Room, have been internationally recognised, selected and awarded by several film festivals, including Berlin Commercial, Aesthetica Short Film Festival and the LA Fashion Film Festival.


My Bad Sister | United Kingdom | 2020 | 14’     

Directors: Joe Magowan, Charlie France                                

Cast: Polly Duniam, Sophie Duniam, Millie Duniam           

Synopsis: Polly and Sophie Duniam are South East London’s infamous twin sisters who form the duo My Bad Sister. Since early childhood they’ve performed alongside each other as back-up dancers, child actors and MCs. In the last decade the pair’s ferocious energy and tight-knit relationship has earned them a name on the free-party and festival circuit, rapping and dancing in sync over gabber, bassline and jungle influenced beats.  Joe Magowan and Charlie France’s short documentary follows Polly and Sophie as they make their way to gigs in Leeds, Berlin and Brixton, accompanied by their younger sister and unofficial manager Millie, who tries to keep her older siblings’ intense and fiery passion from boiling over.


B E A T | United States | 2020 | 06’        

Director: Rich Monteiro

Writer: Tay Jones            

Producers: Tay Jones, Julia Armine, Lexx Truss, Justin Uchendu  

Cast: Tay Jones, Ricky Flowers Jr

Synopsis: Marcus struggles with trying to correct his path.


Ingenue | Italy | 2020 |  02’       

Director: Luca Mariani   

Writers: Luca Mariani and Francesca Antolini                      

Cast: Giovanna Gentilomo          

Synopsis: Through Alice’s work, “Ingenue”, we’ll look at the Wall&decò’s 2020 Contemporary Collection, leading wallpaper brand in Italy. A world where you can get lost, with candor and simplicity, but in which you’ll always be sure to meet each other once again.


CNUT | Australia | 2020 | 04’    

Directors: ARACOURT Studio, Courtney Westbrook         

Writer: Barry Staff          

Producer: Katherine Shearer                      

Synopsis: CNUT is a 3-minute stop motion animation exploring the conflict between nature and man’s technology. CNUT is inspired by the story of King Canute (or Cnut) who demonstrates to his subjects that even the most powerful human cannot control the impending tide or nature.  We follow our well-dressed protagonist as he tirelessly battles with his environment and task of taking a good selfie.  Will he succeed?