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16 August 2022 – SHORT FILM FACTORY [by SHORT to the Point]

Online screening: NO

In-Person Screening: YES

Venue: Uzina FOTO

Address: Str. Plopilor, 12

City: Targu Mures//Romania

Region: Transylvania

Time: 20:40

List of the films screened at Short Film Factory on 16th of August 2022

Title of the film: The Robot and the Butterfly

Genre: Documentary, drama

Duration: 25 min. 3s.

Country: Lithuania

Director: Gaile Garnelyte

Synopsis: Young artist and mother Ieva follows her lover Vadim to a small Lithuanian town and together they create musical performance “The Robot and the Butterfly”. While her daughter stays with grandparents, young artists meet creative challenges that sour their relationship. And Ieva starts questioning if her passion and art is worth sacrificing relationship with her daughter.

Title of the film: Musicanimale

Genre: documentary/experimental

Duration: 16 min 41 sec

Country: Italy

Director: Simone Rosset

Synopsis: A visual dialogue between the animals of Turin science museum and a group of musicians (the Sweet Life Society) improvising there. From the scientific observation of taxidermy and butterflies collection to imagination free composition.

Title of the film: COLD BEDS

Genre: Fiction / Drama

Duration: 21’30”

Country: France

Director: Laëtitia Martinucci

Synopsis:  It’s a winter night in a ski resort in the French Alps. After getting locked out, Mona, a young seasonal worker of Italian origin, tries to fight off the cold while looking for shelter. Her nighttime journey brings her close to an unknown presence.

Title of the film: Frida

Genre: Fiction, Drama

Duration: 22:45

Country: Germany

Director: Aleksandra Odić

Synopsis: An encounter between a young nurse and her patient of the same age, Frida, on the border of professional distance and the desire for closeness.

Title of the film: GARISANI

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Experimental

Duration: 07:40

Country: Republic of Korea

Director: Jin Woo

Synopsis: The newborn baby god goes around the underworld and starts a journey to escape from his destiny. Through the journey, baby god faces joy and fear, and realise the meaning of being present in the moment.

Title of the film: Once Upon a Vilnius

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 23:22

Country: Lithuania

Director: Eitvydas Doskus

Synopsis: Vilnius is a city of notable historical heritage and unique character currently undergoing considerable changes. Some of the life fragments our camera has recorded are no more. The film, therefore, is a testimony to that which has faded into oblivion, and a glimpse into what is to come.